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Competence Centres Programme

3 January 2013, meeting with Agentur Auf!

Iva Honigova

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Competence Centres Programme

Competence Centres Programme Czech government establish long-term cooperation between research and enterprises
innovative research
enable/improve application of research outcomes in business in order to...
...improve competitiveness of the CR through
the Technology Agency of the CR
(TA CR) Nature Conservation Agency of the CR the goal: the goal: protect the nature
maintain biodiversity links: www.tacr.cz
www.gisat.cz Reality degradation of nature
evidence on degradation
companies not taking biodiversity into account
local development without regard to biodiversity Centre for effective management of natural resources natural resources = biodiversity & ecosystems municipalities: reliable information on stock of ecosystem services in their area
offered in comprehensible manner companies: suitable for landscape planning ES used companies' impact on biodiversity ES availability
alternative business strategy with ES ensured
comparison with recent business strategy hope for responsive companies - will switch to
nature friendly alternative:
ES better secured
customers' preference Check of the goals: long term co-operation?
application to practice?

research needed?
interdisciplinary co-operation?

nature&biodiversity protection? municipalities: decrease of damages caused by unfavourable environmental state (e.g. erosion) + lower restoration/maintenance costs (e.g. sewer clearing)

companies: ES for future secured & companies more attractive for partners = more stable profit, savings for national budget, savings for companies

new jobs - facilitators
new products How to do it: landscape monitoring - remote sensing, detailed data from e.g. Sentinel mission
user interface in order to explore the data and enable companies & municipalities to integrate them in decision making - including e.g. future scenario modeling develop co-operation with a consultancy who will:
facilitate contact with business partners
assist to outline assessment tool for business partners design the assessment tool for companies:
which ecosystem services do they use, what are the most important?
what is the actual flow of the services, what is the expected need in future?
where are the stocks of these services, are they sufficient?
what are the driving forces influencing these stocks (activities of the company itself?)
what is the business plan for future, what are the costs of ensuring ES?
is there a cheaper alternative which would secure ES better?
integrate the assessment tool to the user interface Which services should we assess and model? What the companies really want and need? ..... develop co-operation with 2-3 companies (partners in the Competence centre) ...... carry out the assessment with the partner companies
hopefully resulting into change of their operation evaluate the impact on:
the business
biodiversity (ecosystem services) make examples of good practice public recruit more companies to make use of the assessment tool train facilitators who will be able to assist other companies to use the assessment tool Are we going to focus on right companies? How shall we approach the companies?
How to attract them?
How and what to present (simple x detailed info)?
Language is important... how to harmonize ours with the companies? Expectations from
Agentur auf! Are you interested? No Yes have impact on nature & ecosystem services
will co-operate on development of the assessment tool
are willing to perform assessment
and adapt their operation to the nature-friendly alternative
and later share their experiences
provide co-funding What could you recommend us? How do you want to contribute? GISAT CzechGlobe
(scientific co-ordinator) consultancy
Agentur auf? companies
... municipalities
.. scientific partners
... Nature Conservation Agency contacts: Michael Hosšek, Karel Chobot, Iva Hönigova
Nature Conservation Agency of the CR
Kaplanova 1, Prague
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