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the atmosphere

a tour throw the atmoshpere

max lemp

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of the atmosphere

A tour through the Atmoshpere starting the tour. we will be starting in a remote place in the
nevada desert you will not be given the exact location . we will be riding a experimental aircraft through the atmosphere going through all the layers like: the troposphere, the sratosphere, the mesosphere, and the thermosphere
each layer has diffrerent conditions so we will be providing all equitment . now lets learn about where we are going

the atmosphere is made up
layers so we will start from the ground up the troposphere
0 to 12km
it contains rain snow and most clouds plus storms
its also where we live
temperature verys on location and alitude the sratosphere
12 to 50 km
contains o zone that
protects us from ultravoilet
rays by absorbing them
-60 degrees celsius first what is the atmosphere?
the atmosphere is the layers of
air that protect us from light ,
heat , asstroids , and radiation the mesosphere
50 to 8okm
the 3rd layer we will
be going to also where most astroids burn up the mesosphere
50 t0 8okm
most meteors burn up here
that make meteor trails or what we call shooting stars
which on this tour we
will see up close
-90 degrees celsius the termosphere
80 km no define outer limit
extends to space
feels 180 degrees but is really
1800 the air/moliclues are thin and
rarely touch
made of 2 sublayers the two sublayers
of the thermosphere the Ionopshere
8o to 400km
Ions in here
reflects radio ways
the northern lights
ocurr here
first partof themophere exosphere
400km into space
phone calls and tv sinals
are relay here off commuication
satillites now that we learned about the
atmospherewe can over terms and conditions the tour is a two day event
we will supply all protective gear and our tour giudes will tell you when you need
what and when. we be going through the layers in order
we thank you for considering
this trip we hope you come
to sign up and for dates and times
call 1-800-atmospheretours
or find us on the web at www.atmospheretours.gov only the first 20 people get to go sigh up today
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