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Spanish American war Prezi

No description

Magan Sheldon

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Spanish American war Prezi

1. What did the Cespedes constitution of 1869 call for? Abolished slavery and annexed the country of the united states 2. What was the Ten Years War most serious problem? Poorly organized guerrilla war 3. Why is Fredrick Jackson Turner's thesis an important concept to the Spanish-American War? It connects two important forces of the 1890’s 4. Why was the US able to pay attention to the Cuban Independence Movement of the 1890's? because they had newspaper people reporting back on it daily 5. What were the specifics of General Weyler's Reconcentration Policy? It sent thousands of Cubans into concentration camps 6. According to historians, what were the roots of the Philippine Revolution? Began with the building of the Suez canal 7. What was Katipunan? A fraternal brotherhood of Filipino nationalists committed to independence 8. McKinley begins to be called upon by people, such as William Randolph Hearst, to do something about the atrocities occurring in Cuba. What is McKinley's response? He abandoned his failed diplomatic efforts and asked congress for permission to intervene in Cuba 9. Why did Roosevelt say, "I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one." Because he believed that his generation of young men needed to test there mettle in battle 10. What was the official name of the Rough Riders? First volunteer cavalry 11. Why did McKinley ask Congress for money in December of 1897? How much did the President himself donate? For humanitarian aid for starving Cubans and the president donated five thousand dollars anonymously 12. What was the headline in the New York Journal covering the De Lome Letter? The worst insult to the united states in its history 13. How big of an award did William Randolph Hearst offer for the capture of the perpetrator of the USS Maine explosion? $50.000 14. What have conspiracy theorists pointed to as the cause of the USS Maine explosion? the Spanish 15. When did Congress declare war? When did the war officially end? April 25, 1899 it officially ended on august 13,1899 16. What political position did Roosevelt win initially after his return from Cuba? Governor of new York 17. Why was Tampa, Florida chosen as a staging grounds? Because of its close proximity to Cuba, its railroads, and its deep bays 18. Who ratifies treaties and what percent of a vote does ratification require? The senate and it called for a 2/3 majority vote BONUS: How many states were there in 1899? 45
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