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Education and Supervision Platform

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Elizabeth Hoffman

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Education and Supervision Platform

The Image of the Curriculum Culturally, socially and historically relevant to students realities. The Preferred Pedagogy Grappling with the effects of colonization and racism, especially internalized colonization and racism, is the raw material in which the culturally relevant curriculum is designed. Elizabeth Hoffman
AS 498
05/12/13 An ideal social justice, urban high school model Education and Supervision Platform The Aims of Education 1 2 3 To develop into a holistic individual by allowing a space for critical self-reflection in terms of social, emotional and academic arenas. To develop into an individual who participates in civic engagement, sustainability of community, social change and is an example of a critically conscious citizen of the community, state, nation and world. To fully engage in a rigorous, creative and fun way of learning and combine the understandings of self and the world in order to transform as a leader who shares knowledge and believes in their own autonomy. Views of Knowledge Learning and understanding self in relation to colonization, the unconscious and conscious and social and economic positionality in the world.

Developing a skill set to navigate between local, academic and personal worlds without being defined by a standardized test. Students should be able to successfully navigate between their own and other cultural, private, familial, social, academic and political worlds. They become a dynamic member of this historical moment. The Social Significance of the Student's Learning The Image of the Learner A creative and intelligent individual who has the capacity to transform. IDEAL STUDENT In need of credit, educational, social and emotional recovery from past experiences. Mostly from a low socioeconomic background Has a desire to learn about self and the world. Will take pride in community, the school and self. Problem Based Learning (PBL) Incorporation of student voice in planning Emphasis on portfolio based assessments Focus on urban agriculture and art Image of the Teacher A professional cultural, community and political worker. Has a capacity to love students and promote a sense of hope. Is outspoken and understands the significance and importance of student voice. Has a desire to continue their education, be critically self-aware and reflect on their process of teaching. Is willing to question unequal power dynamics between student and teacher and interested in facilitating a democratic classroom. Is hyper aware of the effects of colonialism and racism on students and self and is willing to challenge societal norms through classroom dialogue and activities. Portfolio based, PBL focused and collaborative learning from student to student and teacher to student. Student learning is based on the student's individual education plan, based on academic, social and emotional goals, which creates a student centric learning environment. The Preferred School Climate Flags, murals, and poetry from famous writers of all nationalities of the students will be visible on the interior and exterior of the school so that students are able to have pride in the self, school and community. k Student, parent, staff and community voice is implemented in the design of the school and classrooms to combat the pipeline to prison environment and mentality. Supportive staff and programs exists, such a counselors, college and career advisors, community security guards, substance abuse therapy, art therapy and music therapy to enhance student autonomy. Teachers, mentors and other staff members will sign a five year contract to ensure consistency and stability in the eyes of the students. Teachers, mentors and staff members will be required to participate in community events and committees. Teachers will teach 3 classes based on their content area and 1 class based on an outside interest or hobby. Thus creating an opportunity for curriculum autonomy. All members of the community will be decision makers in any school wide change after a presentation from a board made up of appointed parents, students, staff, supervisors and community members. Will only teach 16 students per class. All members of the school will mentor five students with their college admissions process. All students will be required to have a tutor and meet with them regularly to help support students with their individual education plan goals. All staff will get paid generously as to ensure personal security and safety. Classrooms will have requested supplies, books, technology and materials available. Full of Love Safety Security Culturally Relevant Spacious and Beautiful Student Centric Community Oriented Sustainable Healthy and fresh food is available to support the brain and body and therefore provides a sense of security and well-being. Food options are determined by students, parents and community members. SUPERVISION The Goal of Supervision To ensure teacher collaboration inside and outside of content area.

To ensure that all voices of the staff, parents, students and community members are heard and potentially implemented into the school culture.

To provide resources and funding for the overall function and safety of the school. The process Three supervisors share the duties and responsibilities so that decisions are not governed by one voice. Responsible for sufficient professional development for all staff. Required to collaborate with teachers to determine any changes in curriculum and school culture. All classroom and school discipline, rules and regulations will be determined by student and staff collaboration Responsible for searching for funding opportunities and required to maintain all resources necessary for staff growth.
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