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ComS 222 "Effective Lecturing"

The focus is not on presentation style but: goal-setting, organizing/chunking content, and their effects on design.

Mark Stoner

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of ComS 222 "Effective Lecturing"

Lecture does = Content + Style
Goal-setting is essential, but ...
Three common problems in goal-setting
No goals conceived
Belief that goals = description of activity
Goals focus on instructor not students
Setting goals helps to...
Sort out what needs to be talked about and how
Give you more positive control over content
Crystalize your insights (gifts)
Syntax of goal statement is important!
Use infinitive verb form to name outcome
Describe STUDENTS' state of being at END of lesson
Treat ONE outcome at at time
Check this one out:
"To teach students how to take a case history."

What's your asessement?
How about this one:
"To describe the dominate threads of accounting theory
and describe the dominate research related to each."

What's your assessement?
Try writing a goal for a lecture. (See this handout for helpful verb descriptors. https://goo.gl/PE2QnG
When finished, turn to a partner and check each other's--don't be shy!
Goal setting also helps you organize your lecture; get ready to listen....
Listen to this and remember it...
The trick is "chunking" the content.
Go to the handout titled, "Facilitating Student Retention..." (reproduced below) or go here:

Let's experience what students often experience in a lecture.

Carefully read the handout and work through the exercises as directed. Don't skip the exercises!
Here's my last note on lecturing:
You've got 15 minutes--that's about it
2008--no change!
So, here's what we know:
Lecturing is NOT about covering content, with style.

It IS about targeting essential content using
goals---your gifts!

It IS about "chunking" content and shaping the chunks to match student attention spans.

To value well-articulated learning goals for lecture
To master the syntax of learning goals
To use goals as a tool for organizing content

(Turn on your speakers; you'll hear some thinking prompts and explanations later.)
This is an international phone number:
0044 = country code
191 = county code
389 = town code
0585 = phone
Think in terms of giving gifts of insights
Write it down completely and correctly.
Hit the back button below to listen and check it.
Now, listen to this, then write it down.
Here's my assessment: listen
Here's my assessment:
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