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pearl harbor bombing

No description

Matt Dinehart

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of pearl harbor bombing

by: Matt Dinehart Pearl Harbor Bombing and FDR's Response What Was going on in 1941? Germany and Italy have declared war on britain and france. Japan is growing in power. Japan Became allies with Nazi Germany and the Axis countries and invaded Indonesia. America is growing nervous. Japan's plan Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander of the Japanese Combined Fleet, is in charge of developing a plan to conduct a suprise attack on the American Naval base Pearl Harbor. Admiral Isoroku wanted to disable the U.S. naval fleet so that America could not support the Alliied Forces in the war. Japan also wanted to gain access to secret intelligence that could give them an advantage in the war if the U.S. joined in the fighting. The plan was to attack the naval base Pearl Harbor. This would achieve two things. The Japanese would destroy the U.S. Pacific fleet and while the Americans were distracted trying to protect Pearl Harbor, the Japanese would also steal secret intelligence from the Americans. This way Japan could complete two missions. Steps 1. Japanese planes would bomb Malaya, the Philippines, and the East Netherlands Indes. Then 2. Japanese submarines would move close to the naval base Pearl Harbor. 3. On December 7th they would attack and destroy the U.S. Pacific Fleet. After That Japanese planes bombing Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor before bombing. What Happened? Japanese airforce bombed Pearl Harbor. Japan bombed 8 battleships and several other smaller ships. Three of those battleships sunk. One of the battleships capsized. The other four battleships were severely damaged. The United States military acted quickly so Japan could not steal the seceret intelligence. Japan's mission was also incomplete because six aircraft carriers were out at sea. Therefore, they did not disable the entire Pacific fleet. FDR's Response. FDR and Congress declared war on Japan for bombing the U.S. After the U.S. declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. So the U.S. joined the war on the Allies side. As the war progressed and in part due to the Pearl Harbor attack we later used the first Nuclear bombs against Japan at Hiroshima. Casualties They also bombed air fields. America Twenty-one ships destroyed or damaged Aircraft loses were 188 destroyed and 159 damaged 2,403 Soldiers killed 68 civilians killed And 1,178 soldiers and civilians wounded. Do You Have Any Questions? Because of Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States became much more united and many citizens supported joining the war. As a result, FDR decided to go to Congress to ask them to vote to enter the war. All the Congressmen but one, voted in favor of joining the war. Americans were united in the decision go to war because they wanted to protect their country and defend their honor. Men, women, children, schools, and companies all contributed to the war effort. After the Bombing Conclusion The Japanese decision to attack Pearl Harbor was a poor decision and ultimately unsuccessful because: 1. They did not destroy the entire Pacific Fleet as planned. 2. They did not gain the secret intelligence that would aid them in World War II 3. They did not hit us with a huge blow that we couldn't recover from. While the damage in Pearl Harbor was severe , the United States became united and decided to defend our country. 4. Because of the Japanese bombing on Pearl Harbor we joined the war which strengthened the Allies and helped them to win the War. In the end, Japan lost and was severely damaged.
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