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Computer hardware worksheet

No description

josh mcquoid

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Computer hardware worksheet

Computer hardware worksheet
by Josh Mcquoid

anything that is in the computer that requires power needs to be plugged into the power supply, this is why it cannot just be a simple plug.
What is the purpose of a hard drive?
to hold long term storage and your operating system, this is used to contain your operating system (mac, linux, pc) and other software (applications).
What does CPU stand for and what does it do?
CPU stands for central processing unit. it carries out the instructions for computer programs (arithmetics, control and input/output etc.)
What is a motherboard, and why is it important to the computer?
think of the motherboard as the nervous system of your computer, It connects to your processor, your memory, your USB, your mouse, your keyboard, and every other component in your computer.
What is the significance of the power supply? why is it a big box, rather than just being a simple plug?
What does RAM stand for
what does it do and what
happens to anything in RAM when you power off your computer
RAM stands for 'Random Access Memory'
it is what programs that you boot up for the first time run on, after closing the programs or shutting off you computer, they are stored in the hard drive for later use.

What are peripherals?
Peripherals are computer accessories
like headphones, keyboards, monitors etc.
What kind of cable/connection is used to connect most peripherals the computer?
A popular connector used to connect peripherals to a computer is a usb connector because of the amount of usb ports in computers.
Name some types of drives you might find in or attached to a computer: generally, what is the purpose of these other types of drives?
Hard drives, SSD drives, usb drives.
All drives are used mainly to store information.
What is the purpose of a video card or integrated video adaptor?

allows games to be run more smoothly on your computer
What is the difference between a video card and integrated video adaptor?
the integrated video adaptor is the cheaper one of the two. it is a built-into-motherboard video card that isnt as great as a regular video card but allows for more space in the computer and is alot cheaper.
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