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Pinocchio Step Up Precamp 3

No description

Ngoc Cheng

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Pinocchio Step Up Precamp 3

Things you need to prepare before departure !
HEY hoo !!!
here is our campsite
Documents and forms to bring
ALIF 2013 for leaders
YLIF 2013 for youths
Health Form 2012 for all
ADDRESS: VaN QUAN, ha dong, ha noi, vietnam


Projector & screen
Available time: 6 am - 8 pm

OTHER rooms
Participants' room
Swimming pool
Bathrooms & restrooms
The list we mentioned in Pre-camp 2
(July 03- July 25)
( original + 03 copies)
You can download from:
Mosquito repellent, medicine for abdominal pains, cold...
Claim participation on mycisv (it's a must!!!)
There are 6 steps:

2. "Find a programme"
3. "Step Up/Summer Camp"
4. "2013"
5. "Vietnam"
6. "C-2013-040 Hanoi"

Suggested medicine
USB Stick/ hard drive (at least 8GB)
To transfer camp photos in the end of the camp
Water bottle/ tumbler
By this way, we'll save on paper cups. Let's live green!
National flags
Please bring national flags in standard-size, not too big or too small
Our Activity Room is equipped with:
If your delegation wants to prepare meals for our camp, please contact in advance with our kitchen staff (My Bong) to save the date =D
WOrking on subthemes
We are working on 4 subthemes, which follow the plot of Pinocchio story :-)
From a piece of wood to a puppet
With love and hopes, Geppetto turned a piece of wood into a lovely puppet, and dearly called him Pinocchio.

We will discuss about the right to be born and the right to live – one of human basic rights.

week 1
Pinocchio goes to school
Started for school, Pinocchio has experienced happiness, excitement, and even conflicts with his classmates.

In this week, right of education will be discussed. One puppet boy like Pinocchio still has a chance of schooling. Do other kids have the same?

week 2
Challenges, difficulties in his life
The theme of this week is about courage to faces with challenges and the right of “making a choice”. This could be an interesting topic that participants in this age want to have further discussion. We will also mention about the responsibility of choices that we've made in our lives.
Week 3
Becoming a real boy

In this week, we will let participants feel and understand that they get what they give. If they do good things to others, they will get meaningful moments. This will inspire them to act for their community - one of the Step Up goals.

Are you
penguins, attention !!!
Have a afe flight !
Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)
Delegations will be picked up by host families at the airport
Youths will be split up- Two delegates in one host family. Don't forget your backpack with YLIF and Health Form!
Arriving on July 03: Host families will take leaders to the campsite
Arriving before July 03: Leaders can either stay with youths in host families or take care of yourself. Let staff and host families know your decision via Email in advance =)
Give YLIF and Health Form to host parents
By this, host parents will know more about you, your hobbies, interests, and especially your health conditions
Enjoy Vietnamese culture and family traditions
It's a unique chance for you to live like a real Vietnamese. So let's enjoy your 2 days to the fullest !!!
Give lovely gifts to host families
Host families will surely miss you a lot after your stay. So, let's give them lovely souvenirs and memories will last forever :)
Arriving camp date (pls don't forget!)
4 pm, Friday, July 05, 2013
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
What are waiting for us ???
Awesome activities
Local Impact Day
JB Youth Training
Open Day
Leaders' night out
Cultural Activities
To fill it
Camp T-shirt
We have to pay 300.000 VND (~ 14 USD) for a T-shirt. Please make sure you bring extra money for this.
Religious services and special needs
Please let staff know in advance about your delegation wishes for worship places, allergies, dietary restrictions or any special needs. We'll try best to make arrangements for you xx
Internet connection
Only staff and leaders can use Internet connection, and in limited time. We both know why we travel a long way to be here together >:D< Let's treasure it!
dear leaders,
Before your departure, please:
Contact in advance with host families and confirm your delegation's plan of staying
Register for T-shirt size via emails or Facebook camp group
Connect in Facebook camp group :-)
Prepare some group dance if you can :-)
Along his journey, Pinocchio has to faces with challenges, which test his limitation.
“You’ve shown you’re a real boy with a real kind, giving heart”, exclaimed Pinocchio's father pointing at him. Finally, Pinocchio made his dream come true.
S : 18 cm x 25 cm
M : 19 cm x 26 cm
L : 20 cm x 27 cm
XL: 21 cm x 28 cm
Camp email: Pinocchio.stepup.2013@gmail.com
Local staff: Cheng- (+84) 1664 3333 81
Dat- (+84) 1682 460 383
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