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tobacco effects

group presentation for Lee

Yumiko Iyama

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of tobacco effects

= How H O Health environment land clearance and deforestation cigarette butts Economy young smoker Monster History and background utline discover tobacco? was tobacco first considered
to be dangerous to health? For nearly
8000 years. Use tobacco in religious
and medicinal practices In 1492, he was offered
dried tobacco leaves Tobacco : Tobacco [ ] Effect of tobacco Tabacco control istory How long has tobacco been around? Who When long How to use Christopher Columbus Who discovered When to be dangerous to health In 1571
Nicolas Monardes cure 36 health
problems When to be dangerous to health In 1588
Thomas Harriot promoted
smoking tobacco When to be dangerous to health In 1602 illnesses were caused by soot effects of tobacco women smoker 2nd major cause of death 5,000,000 people die Lung cancer ;
87% caused by cigarette smoking 60,000 children;regular smoker

3 times higher risk of the premature death miscarriage
lower birth weight baby
slowing down child development
sudden infant death syndrome

25% higher risk of heart disease
than men deforestation caused by tobacco
in Africa 5%
in Malawi 20%
=600million trees destroyed/yr
300 cigarette = 1 tree 60% of Australian

7,000,000,000 butts

2 months to 12 years to break down smoking costs more than $193 billion each year in health related costs
(During 2000–2004 in US)
$96billion: Smoking -related medical costs
$97billion: Death-related productivity losses from smoking among workers

while the value of cigarettes sold in the United States averaged $71 billion per year cigarette effects on
1 human health
2 environment
3 economy
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