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Dr. Seuss & Leadership

No description

Jessica Ettell

on 18 August 2012

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Transcript of Dr. Seuss & Leadership

Kristen Tobey - Assistant Director
Jessica Ettell - Area Coordinator
Hobart & William Smith Colleges Leadership Styles with Dr. Seuss Tally up what you think describes you! Sneetches ANALYZER
1. Ideas: Perfection
2. Wants high standards
3. Needs organization
4. Expects accuracy
5. Works Alone
6. Tension- Being wrong
7. Weakness: Taking a position Hortons CONTROLLER
1. Generates ideas
2. Wants action/change
3. Needs to be in charge
4. Expects efficiency results
5. Works fast alone
6. Tension- Loss of control
7. Weakness: Listening Lorax ORGANIZER
1. Idea fulfiller
2. Wants security
3. Needs appreciation
4. Expects harmony
5. Works carefully with others
6. Tension- Conflict
7. Weakness: Initiating Sam
Green Eggs & Ham PERSUADER
1. Promotes ideas
2. Wants to be liked
3. Needs recognition
4. Expects freedom
5. Works fast and with others
6. Tension- Rejection
7. Weakness: Organizing Why do we need the Sneetches, Hortons,
Loraxs, and Sam's to be successful leaders? How can we work together
with all of these different styles? What would our organizations, teams, and staffs look like if everyone operated from the same style?
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