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Pink Tourism and it's Authenticity.

No description

Kelly Desira

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Pink Tourism and it's Authenticity.

PINK Tourism Authenticity Pink Tourism "Early innovators of new products and services . . . ;
trend-setters in fields such as fashion or music" Everything PINK Everything PINK Notion of ‘agelessness’ is more acute than elsewhere in the leisure sector.

At 121%, adult propensity to travel is higher than the UK average of 94%.

The demand for holidays goes far beyond the gay beach resort, with holidaymakers looking for broader holiday experiences including adventure and cultural holidays. Authenticity Controversy driven on a dichotomy between the modern and non-modern.

Negotiating the commodification of local cultures already visible.

What is truly authentic? Can authenticity be attained by the pink dollar market? & Demographics: DINKS (Double Income No Kids)
Preferences: Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex, City Trips, Culture, Soft Adventure, Events and Theme Travel
Consumer Type: Trend Setters and Early Innovators
Booking Preferences: Online and Travel Agents
Requirements: Quality and Value for Money
Education: 46% being university graduates and 43% having a postgraduate degree.
Income: High. Part of ABC1 groups, or live in households earning more than £35,000. Stuber (2002) Jenks (1995) Pseudo Events Existential Authenticity Pink Tourism Boorstin (1964) Inducing productions of over-exaggerated displays for gullible observers – who are thereby removed from local people. The tourism industry is increasingly structured, with creators of tourist spaces attempting to pre-programme a common tourist experience Achieved through tourism activities that are perceived as existing outside the constraints of everyday life Travel organisations in the pink market have lead to a socially constructed pseudo-destination recreation in its attempts to be inclusive. (ex Cruises, Resorts, Tours) Created and recreated in contingent circumstances, sometimes serving to uphold political or ideological positions as mush as catering for the tourism market. Wang (2009) Opening doors to a “reality” of a more open, accepting and free environment, which GLBT tourists now prefer. (Room specifications, travel insurance, inclusive space) "Vision is skilled cultural practice." Homosexual travel, events and tourism, not an original idea but had to be created.
Creating packages, policies and events for pink tourists is "fake" within itself.
Authenticity in the classical terms not viable for this market.
Existential Authenticity is the way forward as a concept achievable for pink tourists. Being too GLBT-friendly and welcoming, becomes deriving of a destinations core authentic culture and way of life.

Homophobia existing extensively: 77 countries around the world where homosexuality is still illegal.

As worldwide tolerance continues to grow towards the gay population, being gay and on holiday will become less and less of an issue. The need for gay-specific holidays appears to be diminishing, as gay people are welcome in an increasing number of destinations around the world

Homophobia however is existing extensively: 77 countries around the world where homosexuality is still illegal. (India and Singapore) It is punishable by death in 9. (Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan).

Religiously affiliated spots are the most frequent in exhibiting unympathetic attitudes. Have dubbed the people as "intrinsically disordered".

Leaves questions of a balanced front between acceptance and isolation at a minimum. However it may simply be a case of allowing the more extremist of cultures their space and probing GLBT travel towards the rest of the World, where they can finally enjoy as authentic of a getaway experience as possible. Conclusions Atlantis Resort, Cancun Disney, Orlando Florida, Gay Day.
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