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June 24, 2014 IT Administrative Committee

Summer Board of Directors IT presentation to Administrative Committee

Tom Stangroom

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of June 24, 2014 IT Administrative Committee

Assess maturity levels of the IT organization and functional areas
Assessment of Overall Spending and Staffing
Gartner Study Metrics
Work Stream 1
Work Stream 2
Both application and infrastructure process maturity levels are high which help drive higher productivity and quality levels.
From a supply side governance perspective NRECA IT organization is performing well. Once work funnels into the IT organization from the business the work is supplied in a coordinated, consistent, and high quality manner.
June 24, 2014
IT Benchmarking Study: Project Scope and Objectives
Assessment of the health of the application portfolio and areas to improve business process efficiency
Work Stream 3
Independent and objective assessment of
NRECA IT footprint

Understanding of spend and staffing and
productivity, as it relates to peers

Understanding of organizational and process

Understanding of the degree to which IT is currently supporting and enabling the mandate of NRECA

Identification of areas to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Information Technology Update
Top Business Process Opportunities:

HR business process automation/innovation including:
Talent Management
Performance Management
Learning Management

Association Member Self Service including:
Event Cancellation and substitution
Subscription changes
Product fulfillment product ordering
Dues payments

Currently many Contact/Customer Relationship Management tools in place today at NRECA including:

Executive Summary of Findings
IT spending as a percentage of operating expense is lower than peer average

Application Development and Support costs are lower

Infrastructure and Operational costs slightly higher supported by higher performance metrics

Total number of full-time equivalent IT staff is significantly lower

IT work is performed in a coordinated, consistent and high quality manner

IT is operating at high maturity levels in all functional areas which is driving higher levels of productivity and quality

The portfolio of applications is in excellent health overall with a high degree of technical effectiveness and overall satisfaction

Higher quality and lower defect rate in comparison to peers

IT spend and staffing analysis

Assessment of the maturity of NRECA IT Organization from a structure/function and IT Management Process perspective

Includes applications, infrastructure,
governance and project/portfolio

An assessment of the health of the application portfolio and an examination of areas to improve business process efficiency

• Over 3 Months
of work spent on the study

• 83

consulted throughout various departments within NRECA

Over 50 different IT staff
worked on the Benchmarking study in some capacity

Over 1722.25 staff hours
spent on the benchmarking study (interviews, data collection, data validation, etc.)

42 different Excel workbooks
of data input provided to Gartner

23 Projects
were evaluated in detail with
over 50 metrics provided for each project

56 Applications were evaluated
overall by the study

10 major applications were analyzed
in detail with
over 50 metrics provided for each
major application

59 surveys
were completed by the business regarding the applications

NRECA is heavily committed to the Agile SDLC and it is operating with success; however, there remains challenges identifying active Product Owners, which makes sense given relatively lean business organization at NRECA.

The business has communicated to IT that it values user satisfaction, high availability and employee engagement as key value measures for both I&FS and the Association, driving IT to focus on performance.
Recommendations and Road Map
Recommendations offered for consideration

1. Lower Association IT Expenditure Burden
2. Association Run, Grow, Transform Budget
3. Establish IT Governance Framework
4. Develop a Service Portfolio / Catalog
5. Enhance Maturity in Demand Governance
6. Develop NetForum Application Road map
7. Develop an ERP Strategy

Takeaway: The Portfolio is in excellent overall health.

At the highest functional level, this shows a portfolio with a high degree of technical effectiveness across the board
Staff productivity, in terms of function points supported per person, at 2,395, is 52% higher than the peer average of 1,575.
Who is Gartner?
Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company

Clients in over 14,000 distinct organizations and 85 countries

Founded in 1979, Gartner has 6,100 associates, including more than 1,460 research analysts and consultants

Gartner Benchmarking delivers unbiased comparisons of IT performance relative to the peer organizations and those considered best-in-class

The level of defects occurring in the production environment is significantly lower than the peer average indicating a more stable, high quality environment.
I&FS and Association Funding

Given that I&FS funds such a large proportion of IT (76%), IT has focused much of its attention on meeting the maturity levels and performance requirements of their largest user.

However, the Association is paying for a level of performance and maturity they may not require.

The business has communicated to IT that it values user satisfaction, high availability and employee engagement as key value measures for
I&FS and the Association, driving IT to focus on performance.

I&FS costs are reimbursable, mostly from employers; the Association must consider its expenditures against an unmovable upper boundary.
From a qualitative perspective, NRECA has high service levels in the infrastructure & operations areas and high quality levels in the application production environment.

Consistent with the Enterprise Metrics comparisons, NRECA’s IT costs are slightly lower than peer organizations with similar workload.

Compared with the peer average, NRECA has lower insourced expenditures.

In contrast with total spending comparisons, aggregate staffing level is 30% lower than what the peer groups would require on average to support the same workload.
NRECA has fewer employees (insourced staff) in comparison with both the peer average and 25th percentile and significantly fewer employees in Applications Development and Support.
NRECA's IT spending as a percentage of operating expense is 8% lower than the peer average.

Fact based assessment of IT at NRECA

For 9 of the past 10 years, NRECA has been nationally ranked by Computerworld as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in IT.

For 2013, the IT Help Desk scored an overall 97% satisfaction rating which is the highest rating ever received.

Highly Competitive IT Job Market
Mobile Technologies
Social Computing
Cloud Computing
Big Data/Information
Digital Enterprise
Integration of Everything
Increased Security Threats
Trends and Challenges
Placeholder for Security Diagram
The infrastructure and operations function at the NRECA is operating at a very high level of maturity, scored at 3.9 out of 5 as compared to peer average of 2.82.
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