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Water Pollution By Ben.H and Jayden.C

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Shannon Cross

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution By Ben.H and Jayden.C

water pollution by ben.h and jayden.c
Britannica school
Brain POP
Go grollier
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
What is water pollution?
Agriculture is a big water polluter, here's why...
Water pollution is a very serious issue taking animals lives, humans lives and causing environmental issues! Its where a water gets infected.
Over 2,000,000 people die from it each year!

How Water Pollution Starts
Water Pollution can be caused by..
Human waste
Oil spills
Human waste comes from when
. . litter- chemicals,
plastics choking
. hazardous
fertilizers, battery
acid, and medicine
becoming runoff
and going into


Factory's pollute water by... Putting chemicals in Clouds and rain catches the chemicals then Goes in water polluting it.
That is called acid rain.

Hot water goes into body's of water-The hot water has no room to disperse that causes life to grow fast-that pushes native species causing thermal pollution- that pollution cuts off oxygen causing anaerobic microorganisms to grow. Those cause methane and hydrogen sulfide. :(

Cows poop contains methane. Their poop runs off into the water.
Farmers strategy's of farming can contain very dangerous chemicals.
Oil spills cause pollution by...
Cars leaking out oil and it running into water.
Oil drills can also spill it.
How does water pollution effect the world?

This effects the world because humans and animals will not be able to survive without this vital resource.
How can we help?
We can help by...

Picking up trash/don't litter.
Using non-toxic fertilizers and cleaning chemicals like baking soda.
Make a compost if possible.
Recycle alot.
Flush your pet's waste down the toilet.
Give hazardous chemicals to a collection center.
Thanks for watchin'!
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