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kbp pres

No description

jemima ohiman

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of kbp pres

April 27, 1973 April 27, 1973 KBP Vision

The KBP shall be an organization that advances and sustains the highest standards of quality in the broadcast industry through the exercise of self-regulation for responsible broadcasting.
It shall advocate positive change by upholding the social, cultural and economic development of the nation.
It shall represent and promote the interest and welfare of its members and the broadcast industry at all times, mindful of its duty to God, country and people We shall defend and uphold press freedom, free speech and expression and the right of the people to public information.
We shall encourage and enhance the practice and development of the highest ethical standards and values in our broadcast content and services.
We shall promote the highest level of professionalism in the practice of the broadcast profession.
We shall strive to foster and preserve unity and promote fair competition amongst our members and in the communities where we operate.
We shall adopt the latest trade practices and feasible technologies that promote the economic viability of the broadcast industry.
We shall contribute in the promotion of economic, social and cultural development of our nation and advocate concern for the environment. Mission Statement What are the Aims and Purposes of the Organization? How does the KBP achieve these aims and purposes? The Broadcast Code of the Philippines Board of Directors and Officers
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