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Technology in the classroom

No description

Ron Roux

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Technology in the classroom

Technology in the classroom
Session objective
: Teachers will use a technology tool to demonstrate how they plan to include technology in their instruction.

Session overview:

LANSchool Introduction (10m)
Open Prezi account / navigation (15m)
Introduction to SAMR / Turn and Talk (15m)
Self-guided exploration of Prezi (45m)
Summarizer (30m)
Share (15m)

The SAMR Model Explained By Students
Turn and talk: Are you a ladder climber or a swimmer? What are the resources you need to get to the next step?
1. Visit
2. Use your school email to create a free account.
3. Find shared Prezi in school email.
Getting started
Navigating Today's Prezi
Follow the arrows to explore resources at your comfort level
Word processing
Visual Thinking and
Today's Meet / Padlet (online discussion forums)
Note taking with PDF's (Adobe)
Creating / using PowerPoint
Creating Prezi presentations
Revising in Word
Excel Spreadsheets / charts and graphs
Wordle and Wordsift
Instruction through Prezi
SAS Curriculum
Discovery Ed (District resource)
Brightspace (District resource)
Website Design / Creating a class website
Creating Podcasts (teachers or students)
Khan Academy
developed by:
J. Anglade, R. Roux, K. Rugani

Use one of the following tools to demonstrate how you will include technology in your instruction.

Classroom websites are a means to provide resources, showcase space, and updates on an independently accessible location.
Using Google Sites to Create a Classroom Website

Wikis are websites that allow collaborative editing.

Whole courses can be organized around a wiki. Teachers can organize public or private wikis to annotate common texts.
Using Wikis in the classroom

Students and instructors can provide comments within an electronic document during peer reviews or evaluation.
Inserting Comments in a Microsoft Word document


Skype connections can create a virtual field trip and offer opportunities for global collaboration.
Skype brings students from New Zealand and California together

Prezi is a unique and engaging spin on the traditional Power Point which also easily allows embedded videos from
Creating a Prezi
Storyboard That is a free online application for creating engaging storyboards. These can be used to summarize literary texts or plan out narrative writing assignments.
Storyboard That
SAS is a website that provides interactive, standards-based resources in core content areas.

SAS Curriculum Demo Video
Why? Helps teachers individualize instruction for students
Discovery Education

SPS has created a space that serves as a learning management system for accessing resources and posing complete work.
Creating a PowerPoint presentation
PowerPoint presentations are an effective way to allow students to create presentations that persuade and inform peers.

Using Excel in the classroom
Why? In the information age, students increasingly are asked to read informational texts and comprehend data. Excel is one tool that can synthesize information to aid comprehension.

Create an Excel 2010 spreadsheet from scratch - no experience required. This lesson covers basic Excel concepts like cells, rows, columns, labels and formulas
Note taking in PDF's with Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF files are the most frequently used format for sharing information.This video outlines how to take notes, highlight and snip pictures from PDF's.
Microsoft Word overview

Microsoft Word includes various options that help authors create professional looking documents. This video gives an overview of these options.
Discussions Online

On-line discussions can be used as a tool to encourage and enhance collaboration. They can be a living parking lot space for comments or questions or an alternative approach to class discussion.
Visual Thinking Strategies
In VTS discussions teachers support student growth by facilitating discussions of carefully selected visual prompts.

Teachers ask three open-ended questions:
1. What's going on in this picture?
2. What do you see that makes you say that?
3. What more can we find?

1. Describe the technology
2. Describe a specific outcome resulting from the technology
Related Technology Resources
SPS Employee User Policy AUP - Staff.pdf
SPS Student User Policy AUP - Student.pdf
MA DESE Technology Standards and
Why? and provide interactive means for revising spelling and word choice. allows for the creation of word lists or exploring word etymology.
OneNote Class Notebook

TextOneNote Class Notebook Creator lets a teacher quickly set up a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities, all within one powerful notebook.
Classroom activities
using PowerPoint
Creating a memory game with PowerPoint
15 Ways to Use PowerPoints in the Classroom

Podcasts are an alternative means demonstrating knowledge. Students or teachers can create banks of topics for future use.
Creating a Podcast
LANSchool is an application that facilitates the control and monitoring of students on computers.

It is helpful to have paper assignments on hand to replace the computer when necessary. Teachers can shut down or block individual students as needed.
Monitoring student use on the computer
Powtoons is a website that allows students to apply knowledge in an engaging and creative way.

What is a Wiki?
A Teacher's Wiki Course
Self Directed Learning creates opportunities for differentiation. Presentations are publicly available to teachers for use.

Just google search the topic + Prezi
Using Prezi for Self-Directed Learning
A how-to video for setting up Skype for classroom use

Using Skype in the Classroom
The Outcomes of Visual Thinking Strategies
Overview of Visual Thinking Strategies
Creating a Spreadsheet
Creating Charts and Graphs
Teachers describe how they use Khan Academy

Self-Directed Learning with Khan Academy
Lesson plans and ideas available at:
Notes for the Presenter
Participants should be instructed to bring
charged laptop with power cord
mouse (scrolling button improves navigation)
Headphones for videos
It may be helpful to keep pace of the training by using an online stopwatch. One can be found at:
Sample Technology Lesson and Blank Lesson Plan Template available at:
A High School Teacher Outlines
the Value of Self Directed Learning
A Teacher Describes Her Preference for Prezi over PowerPoint
Contrary to the video, navigation buttons are on the right. Keyboard arrow keys may be used to navigate the presentation and zoom.
LANSchool available by:
Right click on cloud on right of start bar
Log in using name/pw
Click on magnifying glass
type SLINGSHOT and click on application
Follow prompts

Remember to dismiss class

Both sites allow pasting of text from PDF or word documents in order to see most prevalent words.

This process can reveal themes in texts in new and engaging ways.
Wordle and WordSift (requires Java available at: )

Getting started topics
Saving student work to H: Drive
1. Find a text such as "Ballot or Bullet"

2. Visit one of the sites below and paste the text.

3. Reflect on which words are most prevalent in the texts.
Try it out right now... (requires Java available at: )
Allows teachers to find and share engaging videos to help teach variety of topics in different subject areas. A paid subscription allows for interactive activities such as checking for understanding or fill-in-the blanks.
Downloading the Wordsmyth widget to classroom computers/tablets allows students to access student-friendly definitions for unknown words.
This is a living document. You are invited to email for questions or sharing resources.

Please use subject line:
Tech in Class Prezi

Please describe the resource.
User Suggested Resources
Instructions for editing Prezi
Accessing the cloud
In addition to steps in this video, you may also access via:
Brightspace LMS (Learning Management System) - Overview
Brightspace is the new LMS that Springfield Public Schools will be using for assessments. It is very useful for computer based learning and replaces sites such as Google Docs and DropBox.
Alternative Differentiated
Create a content specific exemplar to be used for your first unit.
POWToons - Math slope
Creating a PowerPoint Template - Analyze character
Site: PhEt - Online Science Interactive Simulations
Description: Free educational simulations. Use data to simulate gravity, acceleration and much more.
Site: ReadWriteThink - Literary Graffiti
Description: Visualize what you are reading and create graphic symbols. The Literary Graffiti interactive combines the process of drawing with analytical thinking about a text.
Site: ReadWriteThink - Webbing Tool
Description: Create a digital Mind Web.
Site: Class Dojo
Description: Free classroom management tool online. Chart progress for inidividual students, communicate with parents, and collect data.
Site: Desmos Online Graphic Calculator
Description: An online graphing calculator that allows real time graphing. Great for use with a projector.
Site: InstraGrok
Description: Free online application that aids in research. Type in a search term and InstaGrok automatically creates a mind web with clickable links to other sources.
Site: Transum - Topic/Grade Specific Math Games
Description: Click on a grade and topic and gain access to free online games for extension activities.
Site: FLVTO - download audio from YouTube Videos
Description: Paste the link to any YouTube Video and immediately download the audio portion for use in your classroom.
Site: KeepVid
Description: Paste YouTube URL's and download video content directly to your computer for offline viewing or editing.
Site: DoppleMe - Free Avatar Creator
Description: Great for extension activities – requires email address to save – use it to create avatars that can represent story characters
Site: Kahoot - Online Quiz Challenge Game
Description: Create online multiple choice quizzes. Students earn points for speed and accuracy and see scores in real time.
Link: and
Site: BioDigital
Description: Resource for the biology classroom complete with 3D models, layers, annotation, and dissection features

Site: PIXLR Express
Description: A free online image editor. Enables to fix, adjust, and filter images in a browser. Also enables editing of online image by pasting URL.
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