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How the Consumer’s Mind Works

Peter Steidl

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Neurobranding

diversify the brand memory ? some 95% Neuro WHAT theft in % We can link memories in the consumer’s mind... Conclusion: a summer smell reminds you of... revitalize the brand memory establish
brand memory get energy into the
brand memory What is How ? the Consumer’s Mind Works branding IS A BRAND ? our challenge? What are memories
made of ? 60% of the stimuli reaching the brain do so through the visual system About But there are many different kinds of happiness… Memories are LINK MEMORIES CAN AND CREATE EMOTIONS STORIES a taste reminds you of... standing in a long queue reminds you of... a bottle shaped like a Coke bottle (but with no label!) reminds you of... is fast and powerful what is put into memory decides Who of our thinking takes place in the non-conscious Exposure to Dove ads No exposure to Dove ads The Mind creates stronger memories for negative experiences allow us to experience what others feel… Mirror Neurons are determined by our goals, but we cannot make Decisions Our without emotional involvement. Goal Activation When we make decisions our mind automatically through past memory patterns. searches our conscious mind Our non-conscious slow and weak… The non-conscious mind
lives largely in our ‘old’ brain
which is designed to help us survive
in a hostile environment… How can the ‘old’ brain interpret ‘abstract’ signals? Which version led to higher sales? By how much? Why? Sales increased by 28% when version B was used! Thinking in images ? Which was experienced greater discount not so good better The Mind relies on references
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