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Abverb Clauses By: Emily Allen and Drina Therrien

Emily Allen

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Adverb-tisements

Adverb-tisements Adverb Clauses By: Emily Allen and Drina Therrien Adverb The part of speech that modifies a verb, adjective or other adverb. A clause that functions as an adverb, which uses not just single words but also phrases to provide information.
It also contains a subject and a predicate and does not express a complete thought. Adverb Clause Why move to California? Because of the GREAT WEATHER! Also known as the "types" of Adverb Clauses So What Is An Adverbial Function? The Adverbs are: Lazily, Crazily and Nasally These are the questions that are answered during an adverb clause: Where ever there are computers, there
is Microsoft! After the fruit is harvested, it is send
straight to the market! I didn't call her because I am shy...
He took a computer
course so he could
get a better job.
So can you! These are the "SPECIAL WORDS" that indicate if a sentence is an adverb clause: Subordination Conjunctions Because
So That
By Unless
If Until
Even Though
In Order That
After Lazily, Crazily and Just A
Bit Nasally Find the Adverb Clause: Lets Try Some Examples! Subway Tastes Good Because It Is Always Eaten Fresh! "Just shake me, until
you wake me from this
bad dream" - Justin Bieber "Baby" Redbull gives you

while under its

influence An Adverb VS An Adverb Clause Why is this an Adverb Clause? It answers the question "Why move to California?' The Verb is: move Subordinating Conjunction: Because Where? (Place)
When? (Time)
Why? (What caused this?)
Why? (What was the reason?) Answers: Why Does Subway taste good?
Verb: Tastes
Subordinating Conjunction: Because Answers: What does Redbull do?
Verb: gives
Subordinating Conjunction: while Answers: How do you wake him from his dream?
Verb: Shake
Subordinating Conjunction: Until Find The Adverbial Function, Verb and the Subordinating Clause Now You Try Make sure you stretch,
after a hard workout! Answers: When should you stretch?
Verb: Stretch
Subordinating Conjunction: After Smiles are a universal symbol,
since they are the same all over the world! :) Answers: Why are smiles considered a universal sign?
Verb: universal
Subordinating Conjunction: Since Check the
batteries in
your smoke detectors, in order that you ensure your family's safety. Answers: Why check the batteries in your smoke detector?
Verb: Check
Subordinating Conjunction: In Order That You may get
Malaria, if you
are bitten by a
mosquito. Answers: How can you get Malaria?
Verb: Get
Subordinating Conjunction: If You shouldn't drive,
after drinking alcohol.
Find a safe drive home. Answers: What should you not do?
Verb: Drive
Subordinating Conjunction: After An adverb clause acts as an adverb to modify a verb
Contains a subject and a predicate, but does not express a complete thought
An adverb clause is usually indicated by the adverbial functions
And also the subordinating conjunctions In Conclusion... Questions Answered "Special Words"
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