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Time Management

Addressing the problem of time management and providing effective solutions in order to become more productive

Mary Trimm

on 28 July 2010

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Transcript of Time Management

Description of the Problem Hate being stressed
Have to rush through things instead of doing them correctly
Facebook, Skype, texting, and TV are distracting
Become bored with assignments
Procrastinate in order to keep weekends free
Find myself overwhelmed
More stress; less sleep
Mediocre work instead of my best work
Lack of self-control
"I will have time later"
Ignore thoughts of approaching deadlines Krystin
Mary Avery
Forget working weekends!
The never-ending break
Work too hard, miss too much
Planners aren’t really cutting it for me
Not that it hurts my grades…
Good-bye social life! Description of the Investigation Examples of Solutions What We Learned/Recommendations Allows you to see your entire week
Helps you remember when everything is due
Reminds you how long you have to complete assignments
If you have a MacBook, iCal is also very useful! Buy a Planner Make a To-Do List Ask for Help Reward Yourself Allows you to set goals
Put the most important things first
Add things that you did not finish to your next list Have a friend change your Facebook password A little drastic, but it works!
Tell him/her not to tell you the new password until your assignments are finished Ask a friend to check on you occasionally and keep you motivated The earlier you finish, the bigger the reward
Example: For every task finished, you are allowed 10 minutes of Facebook time
Can also be applied to other goals (on your To-Do list!) Planner To-Do List System of Rewards Peer Support procrastination
lack of motivation
easily distracted -tv & internet
trying to be a perfectionist
thinks it is too hard College Success Strategies Chapter 6 Use of Planners
Recognizing when you are not being productive Internet Sites www.mindtools.com explanation of procrastination
how to discover whether you have a time management problem
reasons for procrastination
strategies to prevent procrastination Problem/Solution Project: Mary Bray Krystin Avery Time Management TIME MANAGEMENT! =
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