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I'd Tell You That I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You

No description

Gabriella Foglia

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of I'd Tell You That I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You

Mentionable Characters: Cameron "Cammie" Ann Morgan Main character-Great leader
Dirty Blonde hair, dark blue eyes
always made good decisions
brave, compassionate, dedicated, loyal, smart, and strong Rebecca "Bex" Baxter Muscle of the group
British origin
known for her fighting skills
Said to be super stealthy, very coordinated, and can easily lift a guy who weighs 300 pounds Elizabeth "Liz" Sutton Brains of the group
one of the smartest people on earth
loves to crack CIA codes
joined MENSA at age 8
was published in Scientific American at age 9
One of the only Gallagher girls to have non-spy parents Setting: Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women:
Known by outsiders as a rich boarding school for girls
Actually is an institution where talented young women study espionage (spying).
resides about two miles from the small town of Roseville, Virginia
Founder- Gillian Gallagher Macey McHenry Newest member of the sophomore class
Senator's daughter
was kicked out of every other prep school in VA
Stayed because her parents don't know what she's really learning
Knows the most about the outside world
Known for her exceptional planning skills Joshua Abrams Common boy, unlike the others
from the local town of Roseville
Sophomore at Roseville High
Meets Cammie during a school mission
Main subject for the girls' "investigation" PLOT: Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women is much more than meets the eye... The Gallagher Girls are trained in Martial Arts, taught real history, learn political secrets, and are given extra credit for cracking CIA codes. Our main character, Cammie, is a Sophomore at Gallagher Academy and is known as a CIA legacy. Her mother Rachel, is the Headmistress of the school. Cammie and her friends take Covert Operations (CoveOps), which is basically fieldwork. As their first mission, the class is sent out into the open at the town carnival. Just as Cammie is about to complete the assignment, Joshua Abrams comes and talks to Cammie. Because Cammie is a spy and cannot reveal her identity, she doesn't stay long. She stands by her cover, tells Josh she is home-schooled and from out of town, and leaves Josh. Thanks to Macey, Cammie and Josh find ways to meet up frequently. Later in the book, Josh's friends are outside the school mansion planning a break in late at night. The boys want to show Josh that Cammie is lying about being home-schooled and actually goes to Gallagher. Instead, she meets them outside and confesses everything. Cammie finally realizes what she's been doing and decides she can't stay with Josh. She plans to break up with him and tell him the truth as soon as possible. Cammie believes that she will never she him again. Her friends think different. They set up an investigation team to learn more about him. The team is really just the four girls and five years of espionage training. Cammie is able to carry on a relationship for a few months. However, Cammie ends up lying to her mother and Josh, sneaking out at night, and falling behind on her homework. Josh is furious about the lies and storms off. Cammie is terribly upset and plans to head back to her room for the night. She turns to go back inside but is caught short by a blindfold and ropes behind her back. Cammie is shoved into a dark black van with familiar voices all around her. The van belongs to the school and the girls are simply taking their CoveOps final exam with Cammie as their leader. But Josh doesn't know that... Cammie easily gets out of her ropes and continues her mission. She finds her crew, jumps rooftops, and zip-lines across an abandoned warehouse. Meanwhile, Josh saw the whole kidnapping and ran to get help. Cammie is doing just fine with her mission. Just when everything in her life seems to be back to normal... CRASH!!! After Josh had called the police, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He runs his father's crane into the wall of the warehouse thinking that Cammie is in real danger. Josh ran to find the closest phone and call 911. After he is promised a team of police will be right behind him, he chases after Cammie. He follows her to a warehouse rooftop and thinks he will find a terrified teenage girl. Instead, he finds the entire Sophomore class of Gallagher Academy all wearing black and equipment belts. He tries to talk to Cammie, but the girls are far too busy for chit-chat. Josh ends up accidentally tripping an alarm and the team rushes out. Cammie ignores Josh and stays focused on the task at hand. She talks to the girls about retrieving a disk from their teacher not far from them. Cammie and Bex leave the rest of the team to move ahead. Before the two can get to their objective, some men attack and capture Cammie again. They are taken to one last dark room where their teacher has set up his "headquarters". Cammie is told if she doesn't have the disc, she failed her mission. Josh managed to get a crane from his father's business and crash it into the wall. Even after being yelled at by Cammie, he still thinks she and the class is in danger. However, his attempt creates a perfect diversion. The rest of the girls come in with the disc and the class passes their final. They are all taken home, including Josh. He is immediately taken to the Headmistress and is told the whole story. But Gallagher is famous for another thing: memory-erasing tea... The story continues with the other four books in the series.
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