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Sequioa National Park

No description

Ava King

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Sequioa National Park

Sequoia National Park

By: Mason and Ava
May 17, 2016 -June 2 2016

Sequoia National park is located in California which is in the West region.
Why The Park is Protected
Septmber 25, 1890, President Benjamin Harrison made Sequoia National Park the second national park to be established. It was created to protect the giant redwood trees from being cut down. It was also the first national park created to protect a living organism.
Generald Sherman is the tallest tree in the world. Generald Sherman is also among the oldest. It is over 2000 years old.How did General Sherman turn into the largest tree in the world? Volume of course! The volume of General Sherman is 52,500 cubic feet.
1. Every year about 1.6 million people visit Seqouia National Park
Plants And Animals At Sequoia National Park
2. About 1600 different plants and trees are in Sequioa National Park
3. Some redwood trees are so big you can drive a car through them!
Extreme topograph differences and elevation in the foot hills create a lot of enviorments, from hot ,dry lands to snow covered alpine country. The differences support 1,200 species of plants.
4. Sequioa is home to the worlds largest tree; Genral Sherman
5. Some redwood trees grow to be over 1500 years old!
6. Sequioa National Park is connected to Kings Canyon National Park
At sequoia National Park there are a lot of hiking trails that go hundreds of miles.You can see and experience lots of wildlife. There are paved paths so wheeled chairs and strollers can come along!
You can also go horseback riding through the woods. Bring your own or borrow on of the parks horses.
Finally, if you enjoy adventure, try climbing a redwood tree, or one of the mountains. The Angel Wings mountain is a 1,800 foot wall made out of granite rock at the begining of Valhalla Cinque in Seqouia National Park.
Thank You
Mt. Whitney
Mt Whitney is the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.It is also almost 3 miles high. The most direct path up the mountain is 10.7 miles
You can fish in Sequoia's lakes and rivers but you can't swim in them. Icy snow falls from the mountains and makes the water extremly hazerdus and not safe.Currents are strong and can pull you down.
1. What is the name of the tallest tree?
2. About how many people visit sequoia national Park each year?
3. How many species of animals are Sequoia National Park?
Over 200 species of animals are in Sequoia National Park. Some animals include bears, squirrels, fox, deer, otters, snakes, moose, bison, and mice.5 speices are extinct and over 150 species are rare or uncommon.
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