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Clairvoyance in American Culture

No description

Derick Basden

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Clairvoyance in American Culture

Psychic: sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences: marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding Psychikos astrologers psychics soothesayers "Naturally people try various belief systems on for size, to see if they help." As people, we can at times be gullible, needy, and quick to spend money on information believed to be true. "And if we're desperate enough, we become all too willing to abandon what may be perceived as the heavy burden of skepticism." -Carl Sagan - Carl Sagan Will I ever get married? Will I ever be rich? What are my lucky numbers? Miss Cleo Youree Dell Harris "She helps me make better decisions," says client and businessman Bruce Levy, who was skeptical at first. Psychic Medium: Roxanne Usleman "It's more types of people I have never seen before, men in the business world, high-powered jobs, stock market, Wall Street." 'Fortune Teller' arrested at Smith Haven Mall Dyslexic Fortune Teller arrested: allegedly sees the past Fortune teller accused in $220,000 scam in Seattle arrested in Canada Alleged Fortune-Teller Pleads Guilty to Curse Scam Psychic Friends Network 1992-1998 $3.99/min. $100 Million Federal Trade Commission law suits Fakin' Jamaican Rasta Imposta
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