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how can dance bring people together?

Personal reoject

yan wang

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of how can dance bring people together?

Goal Of The Project
Unite as many people by dancing
Criteria For The Product
Number of dancers
Special effects
Plan Of The Process
Global Context
Personal and culture expression
Student: Wang Zong Yan
Supervisor: Olga Titova

Creative thinking
I designed my personal dance, the costumes and the soundtrack
I found the way to connect MES and dancing.
Organization skills
I arranged a place for practice
I attended scheduled meetings with my supervisor
I wrote every step I did in my blog

Media literacy skills

I used Russian social network VK for asking people to take part in my project
I used GarageBand to make the soundtrack for dance
I made my presentation in a cloud-based presentation software prezi.com
I used iMovie to make my video that shows my final product
I used mail to communicate with my suprvizor out of the school
Final product
Dance performance
Dance flashmob
Whole dance
Solo dance
Moves of whole dance
I made my plan in a web based tool for project planning
Book "Skills in modern dance choreographer" by V.Y.Nikitin
Interview with Luda Letnvinoy
Survey with two types of people
Video and films
Product creation
how can dance bring people together?
1. Topic and goal
2. Find the information
3. Looking for my dance team
4. Practice with team
5. Performing
In conclusion
I developed my media literature skills
I developed my creative thinking
I developed my organization skills
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