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Oryx and Crake Quotes

No description

Colten Cowell

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Oryx and Crake Quotes

Portrayal of Science "There had been a lot of fooling around in those days:create-an-animal was so much fun, said the guys doing it; it made you feel like God." (pg.51) From this quote science is being portrayed as negative because the people who are applying the science are using the science just for fun instead of trying to better the world
"They're wolvogs - they're bred to deceive." (pg.205) This quote shows science as being a deceptive which can make the tool of science as either negative or positive based on how the science is put to use "I don't believe in Nature either, said Crake. Or not with a capital N." (pg.206) This shows that Crake doesn't believe in science being a natural thing that God empowers us to do, but rather that the science being created is all his work "After that, at OrganInc Farms, he'd been one of the foremost architects of the pigoon project." (pg.22) In this quote Jimmy's dad is giving science a positive annotation because he is using his skill of science to help society and not pursue his own motives "Let's just suppose, said Crake wearily, that I anticipated this event and took precautions (pg.328) This quote shows Crake being a totally negative person and giving science a bad wrap by showing how he created this virus and knew that it was going to wipe out the human race, but didn't care The word fooling around in this context is being shown as a fun time and not a serious matter
The word deceive shows that science can be portrayed as negative or positive, but its true intentions are mostly positive In this context Crake is putting science in a negative light because he is trying to pursue his own goals and create things that could possibly go against the ways of nature Jimmy's dad was the head scientist for the new pigoon project and is trying to help improve the way of life for humans The word anticipated in this context shows that Crake knew he was creating a deadly virus and was pursuing his own goals
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