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Who am i?

No description

sarah baloch

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Who am i?

Who Am I? I am an auditory learner which means that i learn best when i hear information and i can remmeber it ealiy. some tips for auditory learner are:
*make a recording of lectures to study from
*noises may be distracting so study in a quiet place
*try talking to yourself when prblem solving
My personality type is ENFP My top intellegences are:
*Social All of this information will impact my future in amny ways, like it will help me choose a career by helping me decide what my interests are. this inforemation means that i can study better when i hear things and can remmeber thing better that way. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? After highschool I would like to get into UCLA to get my bachleaors in Phycology and from there I want to get my master in phycology at Brown and my PH.D at Harvard. After Im done school I would like be a phycologist spealizing in teen diorders and addictions. All of this iformation has helped me see that phycology would be a suitable career chioce for me because I am an auditory learner and on my results it showed that i was a good listener and i am an ENFP and one of the sujested careers for an ENFP was a phycologist and also on my career results from careercruising.com phycology was #7 and phyciatrty (which is very similar to phycoloy) was #3
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