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Game Changers By: Mike Lupica

No description

David Warren

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Game Changers By: Mike Lupica

Game Changers By: Mike Lupica
Ben Mcbain is every football team's dream player who's goal is to be the starting quarterback for his school team, the Rockwell Rams.
But his coach, Shawn O'Brien's dad favors his son and lets his son be the starting quarterback even though he lacks the ability to play quarterback.
Ben's dad played with Heisman trophy winner Doug Flutie. And Jeff O'Brien {Ben's dad} went to Boston College {BC}. Ben's hero was also the Heisman trophy winner Doug flutie the 5'9 football legand.
Ben and his three best friends, Coop, Sam, and Lily are students at Rockwell Middle school
During tryouts Ben hopes high that he will be the starting QB.
Ben has every single move and deserves the role.
Ben is a 11 year old boy who runs short in height and he barely makes weight to play on the Rockwell Middle School football team. He has the heart and soul to be the starting QB though.
Ben is a really good football player. In fact, he's almost to good to be real! In conversations with coach O'Brien, Ben handles his emotions like a pro, a true team player, and wont let his team down!
Ben is caught between being a good teammate and following his dreams of being a quarterback. As Ben finds out, Shawn isnt so easy to help. And when Ben gets a chance to be QB the game will change for Ben and Shawn.
Ben McBain
My rating for the book "game changers"

3-5 stars {***}

It was detailed good but couldve added more working to be the quarterback.
This book was written by: Mike Lupica the New York Times bestselling middle grade series

head characters: Shawn O'Brien, Ben McBain, Coach O'Brien, Jeff McBain.
Why did i choose this book?
I chose this book because i like sports and read the back of the book and thought that it might just be a good book.
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