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Finding Theme

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kayon opie

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Finding Theme

January 15, 2013 Quick Questions Review Homework Goals: Interesting Idea:
What can you learn from this? A theme is a message or a lesson in a text. Identify the main idea of the following: 'Fables' I will identify the theme of a selection
or short story. New Concept:
What is a Theme? Reading 1. The frog sat on the side of the pond. He was very still. His green color made him hard to see. A bug flew near him. His tongue zipped out, and he gobbled it up. Then the frog was still again. He waited for the next bug. 2. It was backward day at school. The students had to do things backward. Some of them wore their T-shirts backward. They took a test before they studied the lesson! Dessert was served first instead of last. They tried to walk home backward, but they bumped into each other and fell down. 3.Jon held the ball in his hands. He bounced it slowly on the ground. Once. Twice. He crouched low and then jumped. The ball flew into the air. Up, up, up, it went. Then down, down, down, into the basket. "Yes!" he yelled. "Nothing but net!" 4. My favorite dress is yellow. It has a white ribbon that ties in the middle. It has lace by the neck. It also has lace at the bottom. I wore it for my aunt's wedding. I was the flower girl. Mom said I looked as pretty as the bride! 5. They are building a new school. It is near my house. Every day, I watch the workers. They drive huge tractors. I watch them push a ton of dirt. They have a big crane. It helps them place tall beams. The workers build walls. They are using brick. Every day, it looks more like a school. Mom says I will go there in the fall! The message or lesson is usually something that most people feel is important about life. You can figure out the theme of a story or play by paying attention to what the characters do and what happens to them. Finding the Theme of a Story What Are the Main Events? What Lessons Does the
Story Tell? Read the cartoon below. Try to figure out a message about life it expresses First, the character feels_______________________________
At the end, the character feels________________________ How do the Characters Act? The boy is scared then happy ** The boy fears the water slide.

** He goes down anywhere.

** He decides water slides are fun not scary. ** It takes courage to try new things.

** Facing your fears can be rewarding Themes are sometimes like morals that we learn from fables. The Two Travelers What did the first man do?

What do you predict the theme of this story has (refer to details from the story. How does the second man feel about what the first man has done? What sentence shows how the second man feels Answer Hint:
What lesson do you learn from how the first man treats the second? Summary Claudine's Tack Attack

Read Selection
Discuss lessons on side Homework

Identify Themes
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