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The Bahamas

No description

Olivia Housemeyer

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of The Bahamas

Cost of your trip Tourisum and Attractions History and General Info. Your Hotel Amazing 4 star bedrooms Your Car SUV Introduction *It has amazing sites and views of the beaches
*It has many tourist attractions and wonderful tours
*It also has the most delightful and exotic foods First Settlements *Flight:$3265 *They use U.S
*Car:$954 money
*Hotel:$308 per Night
*Food:$10 per person per meal
*Entertainment {Shows,Toures,and more}:$152
All Together is $7183 *Beautiful sites and views from balcony of hotel room
*Amazing tours in tropical forests
*I.3 million tourists come each year!
*Meeting dolphins and scubadiving The Bahamas *Amazing tours
*Beautiful beaches
*Outstanding place to go
The Bahamas!!!!!!! The Bahamas
Island Paradise Flight Details *Takes off at 10:58am and lands at 4:30pm, 5hr and 32min, 1 other stop at Atlanta for 2hrs
*1:00pm and lands at 6:04pm,5hr and 4min,1 other stop at Atlanta for 2hr 22min General Info. *Pack t-shirts, shorts, flip flops and swimsuits
*Rock Lobster,Peas and Rice and more An outstanding choice of restaurants And very fun casinos At the airport
4 people 5 bags
$954 *Famous pirates,(Blackbeard+Calico Jack) came
*1649 the first settlers came
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