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Characters of Spectrum

No description

Niamh Pemberton

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Characters of Spectrum

Audrey Meacham and Niamh Pemberton Spectrum Characters Braelyn Stace Lily Tate Charlotte Stace Sapphire Stace Journee Forbes Autumn Dale Brielle Moore Kinsley Wilson Sage Coulson Clover Simmons Serenity Stone May Kelley Grainne Brennyn Damien Hawthorn Jared Banks Allen Tate Jeydan Shepard Tristan Frost Ben Evans Matt Carne Jared Hawthorn Jet Sarin Caleb Glenn Coulter Callahan Landon Howard Eoin Graham Eric Gray Tom Hewitt Gavin Ward Nicolette Chevalier-Hawthorn Nicolette is the antagonist vampire who is Braelyn's doppelganger and is trying to become human again using a sapphire necklace in Lily's possession. She will stop at nothing to get it. Jared Hawthorn is Damien's only sibling, also the groom of Nicolette. He is completely clueless of the supernatural beings around him throughout the story. Lily is a prominent member of the Normalcy, and she and Damien become caught in historic relations. Lily is Braelyn's best friend- that is, until they become caught in an overwhelming love triangle. Braelyn is the head of the Normalcy and Damien's ex, however she can't seem to get over him. Braelyn is also self-absorbed and overly dramatic. Damien is head of the Spectrum and finds himself in a deadly love triangle. Between his ex-girlfriend and his historically betrothed present girlfriend, he is already dealing with the weight of being the new Spectrum leader. Having to be the successor of the very appreciated Gabriel, the stakes are high for this young teenager. How he manages is beyond everybody involved. Even when he loses the one thing he's sure he'll have forever. Coming into the story as a trained kidnapper, Jared Banks becomes a good friend of Damien's and joins the Spectrum. He gains their trust, and goes out with a bang by betraying them all. Allen is a member of the Spectrum, and is Lily's twin brother who ran away. Jeydan is Damien's only real friend and is in the Spectrum. He is essential in Damien's comfort in his stressful situation. Charlotte is Braelyn's sister and Sapphire's twin. She has stronger powers than most witches and makes a late but loud entrance in this book. Sapphire is an independent spirit that was kicked out of her old coven. She is Braelyn's older sister and a twin to Charlotte. Tristan was a loyal friend to Gabriel, and at first is a disposable character in the eyes of Damien fans. He then becomes helpful when Damien is caught into trouble. Some of the minor characters are... Pearl Tate Pearl Tate is Lily's mom, and is also the High Queen of the Spectrum-Normalcy group. We sincerely hope that any readers enjoyed this presentation, and loved our book. We somehow feel deep connections with these pictures of what we assume our characters to look like- for instance, Jared Hawthorn's ice-cream-eating persona portrays him as an idiot. To keep it short, he is. Also, the four main characters (Damien, Braelyn, Lily, and Jared) have faces that we didn't expect, but we are in love with them. We hope you are as well. The Normalcy witches... The Spectrum members...
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