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China in the Middle Ages

Jenny Cho, Jenny Kim, Jaden Chu, and Kevin Tang

jaden chu

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of China in the Middle Ages

-The countries and lands next to the Tang Dynasty got a lot of inspiration from the Tang dynasty
Middle ages in China
Song Dynasty
-It was the period of cultural and technological growth

Tang Dynasty
-The Tang Empire had the most power until the middle of the 8th century.

Dynasties during the Middle Ages
By: Jaden Chu, Jenny Cho, Jenny Kim, Kevin tang.
There was..
Sui Dynasty
Tang Dynasty - 618-907
Liao Dynasty - 916-1125
Song Dynasty - 960-1279
Sui dynasty - 581-618
-They were very good at making things using ceramics so they would trade those things with other countries and they would sell it.

-Yangdi was assassinated
-When building Grand Canal over 100000 people died. The workers literally worked till their death.
-Yangdi restored the Great Walls of China, also build a massive Grand Canal
-When Wendi died his son Yangdi took over
-Wendi used a tactics of force and destruction to ultimately take over China.
-In sui dynasty the ruler of the dynasty was Wendi.

-When the Han dynasty fell at around 3rd century Sui dynasty came in 581-618 A.D.

-In the madness religious war China was experiencing period of growth and enlightened
Liao Dynasty
Thank you for
By: Jaden Chu, Jenny Cho, Jenny Kim, and
Kevin Tang.
-Emperor Taizu of Liao
-There were many farming goods and crops. (flour, rice, etc.)
-There were many leather goods from cows and other types of animals.

-Also the Tang had powerful cultural influence over neighboring states such as Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

-Even the central government was breaking down they had grown population to 80 million people.
These were the dynasties during middle ages in Europe. In this time
of period China was developing into the China that it is right now in the modern days. This was also a very important time of period in China just like it was an important time in Europe.
-Gunpowder and other explosives were invented.
-Iron production for bridges, buildings, and amour
-The first mechanical clock was invented in 1100
-Precise calendar was based on the phases of the moon
-They improved math and also invented fractions
-They had paper making and movable typing machines
-They had world's first paper money (1024)
- Liao dynasty started when the Tang dynasty ㅗㅁhad political problems.
-The second part had very good laws system.
-The first part had a very strong military force, and their technology
-The Tang dynasty was the longest dynasty in the Chinese history, because
there were two parts.
-Between 11 and 10 centuries, the population doubled in size to about 100 million people.
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