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Daniel Strachan

No description

Jenna Thomas

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Daniel Strachan

DANIEL STRACHAN Shannon had already had two kids, Hooper and Caroline. Daniel Strachan was born to Shannon Strachan on February 18th 1999. Next, he went to Harding Middle School. He went to Lincoln Elementary School. Mrs. Lewiki was his favorite teacher there. In 5th grade he began his trademark Unicorn Horn. He is also going to Florida again for soccer. In 8th grade he began dating the wonderful Elena Mulready! He started kind of talking to the awesome Jenna Thomas. Daniel's life is very boring. Nothing of importance happens to him. But.... In 7th grade he went to Florida for Nationals for soccer AND WON! YAY. 6TH GRADE WAS AMAZING FOR DANIEL. Mr. Budik (spelling?) was his favorite teacher there.
He had no friends. By Jenna Thomas
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