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Venus by Daniela Covarrubias

No description

Daniela Covarrubias

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Venus by Daniela Covarrubias

1.Venus rotates backwards
2.Venus has no seasons because it does not tilt
3.It is often called Earth's sister planet
4.It is the second brightest object in the night sky after the moon
5.Venus is named after the goddess of love
Venus is 12,100 km across.It is 900 degrees fahrenheit .At it's farthest Venus lies 162 million miles from the Sun.It is in between Mercury and Earth.A day on Venus stretches on and on.A day on Venus is about as long 243 Earth days.A year is about 225 Earth days. Venus is 98% carbon dioxide. It is 91% of Earth's gravity.
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5. Cole,Micheal D.
Venus:the second planet/Micheal D. Cole
Enslow Publishers,Inc.
40 Industrial Road
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VENUS BY Daniela

Who discovered Venus ?
No one was given credit for the
discovery of Venus.Since Venus
is the second brightest object in the sky it was probably seen by the first bunch of people.
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