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Antz Character

No description

Zobaida Al-Baldawi

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Antz Character

Antz Character Analysis
General Mandible
The Character of "Z"
Queen Ant
Characters in Antz
How did Z deal with those who opposed his ideology?
Z always tried to deliver his thinking through logical arguments. In the cases in which no one agrees with him, he does what he wants, opposing authority.
What was the Queen's goal for the colony?
The queen cared for the colony to be maintained the same why it is now. With stability, order and stratification maximized.
How did the Queen deal with those who opposed her?
We often saw that the queen dealt with those who disagreed with her in a diplomatic manner. She always presented her set of ideas in a respectful, diplomatic way and in the case that those who disagree with her don't change their mind, she wouldn't kill or torture them like the General did nor did she walk away from them like Z.
What are the beliefs and values of the Queen?
The Queen believes that each person has a place in society based on different factors that are uncontrolled like body built and because of those factors the citizens won't be able to really fulfill themselves. She respects and feels that it is necessary for social stratification to exist. Moreover, the Queen really believes that whatever the general is doing is the right thing . When she disagrees, she tries to use diplomacy to solve the problem and deliver her point.
What was Z's goal/plan for the colony?
Z's goal for the colony was for it to be like a utopia. He wanted an ideal society where the rights and freedoms of the ants are granted and they are all treated equally and respectfully. He wanted the ants to freely choose what they want with no one telling them what to do.
Z and Princess Bala
There are three main characters in Antz:

General Mandible
The Princess
Each of these characters hold a greater significance and their actions are a representation of different leadership styles and ideologies.
Beliefs and Values of Z
Z is a huge believer in individualism. He believes that everyone should have the right to express themselves freely and make decisions for themselves. Z dislikes the way that his society is run. He often questioned why he had to listen to what the colony asks of him or why someone else gets to choose that he is to become a worker. He believes that individuals should be involved in the system and that they should be remarked as individuals not just working ants. Z is an intelligent thinker who values individualism, freedom and fairness.
What does Z's leadership style resemble?
Z's leadership style resembles a benevolent leadership style. That is so because he seems to care about giving his citizen rights, freedoms and a sense of individualism. All in all, treating them well and with respect.
What type of government does Z resemble?
One would argue that Z resembles a democratic government because he believes in giving people power to freely choose what they want. Which is ultimately what democracy is: people +power. Moreover, Z appreciates individualism and so in his society ants are going to be respected citizens with freedoms, rights and responsibilities.
Beliefs and Values of General Mandible
Unlike Z, General Mandible has a totally different set of goals and values. General Mandible believes that each ant has a predetermined role in society that they should follow. He doesn't believe that each person could freely choose what they want or that they should think for themselves. In fact, he believes that individualism is bad and dangerous. General Mandible does not believe that people should be presented with equal chances and opportunities, he believes that strong beats the weak. To him, discipline, commitment,
structure, sacrifice and order are important. Lastly, the general does not seem to mind getting power through violence.

What was General Mandible's goal/plan for the colony?
General Mandible's goal for the colony was to have a strong colony made up of only soldiers and with him governing it as a dictator with Princess Bala by his side.
How did the General deal with those who opposed him?
The general dealt with those who opposed him through many different ways that include the following:
What type of leadership style does the general resemble?
General Mandible's leadership style could be described as an autocratic dictatorship leadership style. He is an autocratic leader because he is the one who is making all of the decisions and judgements based on what he think is right without the regards of the other ants. He seems to have absolute power and even the Queen can't stop him.
What type of government does General Mandible resemble?
General Mandible's government resembles a military totalitarian dictatorship. That is so because he appreciates military very much, there is only one party in the colony and they all just listen to him, willingly or by force.
What type of leadership style does the Queen resemble?
The Queen's leadership style resembles a benevolent monarchic aristocratic leadership style. She is not a monarch who has complete power and is being dictatorial to their populace. In fact, she even has the General to show that the people could run themselves by themselves and that she is just a figure. However, it is the problem with the General and he is the poor choice. Moreover, she resembles aristocracy because she is a believer in social stratification.
What type of government does the Queen symbolizes?
The Queen resembles a monarchy because she is a monarch who inherited the position. Her government may also be considered as a constitutional monarchy because it is the General who rules and his laws stop her from doing whatever that she wants. The General makes the rules and he makes sure that the Queen is kind of okay with it.
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