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jurassic period project

No description

maddie urker

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of jurassic period project

DMS Travel Co. Jurassic Tour Major Events -began 190 and 195 million years ago and ended 136 million years ago.
- Followed the breakup of PANGEA
- NOT the same dinosaurs as in "Jurassic Park"
-Upper half of PANGEA broke up into North America and Eurasia.
-First point where lush green and moist environments occurred. Earth's Surface Bibliography Plants -forms of palms known as cycads were present - Was the time period when Pangea was breaking up
-There were 2 continents were present -Laurasia
-the biggest oceans were
-The pacific ocean
-Tethys Ocean -first forms of palms known as cycads were present
-there were also ferns, ginkgos and conifers
-huge lush forests full of plant life Activities -Hiking in the forest and looking at dinosaurs (protection provided by the staff)
-Feed dinosaurs (only plant eaters)
-kayak in the gulf of mexico
-day camp for kids
-golf course (everything provided)
-scuba diving to see the cool marine life
-safari and driving with the herd
-riding dinosaurs (saddle provided and you get to choose which one you want to ride and the team will bring it) WARNING!!! There is still a chance you could get lost, eaten or trampled during some of the activities the protection team will do their best to keep you safe but it is not guaranteed Travel Info and packing list $4,000 for a ticket
$1,000 per day per person
-food and safe shelter included -clothes for warm climate,swimsuit
-bug spray (there are mosquitoes)
-small first aid kit
-some canned food http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/dinosaurs/mesozoic/jurassic/





http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/mesozoic/jurassic/jurassic.php The climate began to warm up as Pangea broke apart. Then it caused the ocean currents to flow around each continent, controlling the climate and providing shallow marine habitats with the increase in available coastlines.
By the Late Jurassic, the climate was warm and tropical with rich vegetation. Glaciers didnt exsist at the poles yet. Then vs. Now The animals that inhabited the earth during the Jurassic period were much bigger then today.
Dinosaurs dominated.

Evolution has caused animals to adapt to the Earth's changing. Today, there aren't the lush environments there was during this period and the plants and animals aren't as extreme. Contact Information DMS Travel Co.
3208 Backshire CT Cary, NC 27519

Phone: 919-696-9969
Email: dmstravel@gmail.com Climate Animal Life Pterosaurs:
Pterosaurs continue to multiply, branching out into the Pterodactyl line, creating many varieties of these flying reptiles. Birds:
The first birds appeared Dinosaurs
Sauropods like Brontosaurs continue to diversify into many different types. By the Late Jurassic they were dominant, coming in many forms and sizes. These giant creatures were some of the largest animals to have every lived. Mammals
Mammals continued to be small, although they were able to diversify and fill many biological niches filled by insects today. Marine LIfe
Inhabiting the oceans were different forms of marine reptiles: Plesiosaurs and Ichthyosaurs, all types of sharks and bony fishes, as well as many types of ammonites and shell fish.
The warm, shallow waters of the Late Jurassic went on thriving communities of shallow water creatures. Insects
Wasps first appear.
Beetles develop into many different forms.
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