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No description

Vivian Wang

on 23 May 2013

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#26 The Right To
Education Ecclesiastes 7:12 Human Right #26 Education shall be free for all children no matter where they come from in elementary schools.
There shall be higher education available for those willing to go forward.
Education will help determine a child's future. For the protection of wisdom is like the
protection of money, and the advantage
of knowledge is that wisdom preserves
the life of him who has it. Why give a child a scholarship?
Many children in developing countries wish to study at home or overseas. By giving a child a scholarship, we are giving them a whole new life. The scholarship is a reward from all the hard work that these children have been through. They will be able to take care of their family with the money that they can be able to make after they get a good job as a result of their scholarship. It turns into our
faith in God and
what we believe Human Rights FAITH Jumping to
our Faith We all want
to be treated
with respect Therefore, an innocent child shall have an education Education
leads to a
rich future Whenever we
believe in God... Jesus is
always in disguise If we follow this path... Education
Smart, Clever
Learning, Educating, Acquiring
Information, Wisdom, Reason, Sense
Absorbing, Mastering, Discovering
Rich, Intelligent
Knowledge The Right to Education
By: Vivian Wang It is our... - Proverbs 23:12 Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge. A lot of kids in countries that do have schools don't know how lucky they are to be able to read and write. Lots of children in developping countries don't have this. Their right is being taken away. Over 796.81 million children can't read what you are reading right now. School Child Labour Children with an Education Want to come over to my house tonight? I got a new phone. I hate school. It's like the
castle of DOOM. How do
they make us do this ? Want ot see my new
laptop? It's awesome.
It's all
blue! Happy Birthday!
Hope you
love my
present! E
N How WE Can Help What is #26 on
the Universal
Declaration of
Human Rights? Children Without Education I wish I could go to
school instead of being
forced to work for my
master. Will my dream
ever come true? When will the time come
when every child has an education? Time is ticking down the road. Our Goal There are even bible passages
about the importance of education There are many
things we can do
to help these poor
children. May every child get an education. We are very lucky to have education on our side
By: Salome Alvarez and Vivian Wang
We hoped you enjoyed our
presentation and now understand
the importance of education. Useless, School Long Boring Annoying Tiring Garbage, Disgust, Goal ,Happiness Perspective By: Salome Dreaming, Hoping, Desiring Friendly, Helpful Poor Diamante poem
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