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pioneers and the first nations hunting and fishing

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Bree C

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of pioneers and the first nations hunting and fishing

Lantern fishing in the summer and ice fishing in the winter were other skills learned from the native people. This method of fishing also took place at night in a boat. Swiftly and smoothly the fish would be speared.

They would stand in the edge of the river to catch the fish. In the winter pioneers got fish from ice holes. The most common fish caught using this method was trout.
Bow and arrows are used for hunting deers and guns. Spearing was the most common way to catch fish.he pioneers also hunted for smaller animals such as racoons,squirrels and bigger animals such as bears,moose,caribou. The pioneers thought that winter was the best season to hunt. The gun hunting weapon was very expensive.

Arrows were lighter then spears so more could be cared. The arrows were more accurate then a spear. And can go further then a spear.

Thanks for watching!!Hope You Like It!
How The First Nations Helped The Pioneers

The first Nations taught the early settlers how to hunt, fish, and use the weapons. They also taught them how to fish in summer, and ice-fish in the winter.
the pioneers, first nations &
hunting & fishing


When the pioneer reloads the pioneer takes long so the deer gets away. Deycoys were made to look like ducks and geese. The hunters used decoys to attract the birds. Once the birds were close enough the hunters would shoot them.

Rabbits, gophers and birds were caught with snare traps. Hunting and fishing were carried out throughout the year. The forests were not as thick and animal tracks could be readily seen in the snow. The hunter would move very quietly and often hide behind trees. When a pioneer hunter killed an animal he had to prepare to bring it back to his family.
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