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Mark Erickson

on 28 January 2013

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Thank You
for listening! American Service American Table Service also known as Plate Service
Side dishes are used for bread and butter and salad.
Serve right with right hand
It is commonly used in coffee shops and other restaurant.
RKR serve from left with left hand How to arrange American Service table setting
Place a clean table cloth extended at least 12 inches over the edge of table.

Provide salt and pepper shaker for every two guests. Use one set
per table of four and for party over six one set can be use for every three guests. Serve the 1st course directly into the cover plate. All food are serve on the left side of the guest. Serve it clockwise.

If the guest is done, remove the used plate from the right side of the guest and do it counter-clockwise.
Place a dinner knife to the right of the service plate and beside of it is the teaspoon. If the soup is being serve place the soup spoon to the right, beside the teaspoon.

Place the bread and butter plate at least one inch above the fork or one inch beside salad fork. And the bread and butter knife is place on the plate. If the table is cleared already, put the dessert spoon on the right side and the dessert fork on the left side and place the dessert right away.

At this point, if the coffee is requested it should be serve at this time. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages casual dining, portion control, less service skill needed Disadvantages less personal, guest cannot choose portion
Service plate is place a quarter of an inch from the tables edge on each guest.

Place one dinner fork and salad fork to the left of the service plate. The dessert spoon is place a quarter of an each away the service plate and place the dessert fork on top of the spoon.

Place the water goblet over the dinner knife and a wine glass an angle along side. Place the folded napkin either on the center of the service plate or inside the glass. How to serve Before the guest seat, put water on the glass.

Serve the beverage clockwise using a beverage tray. All the beverage are serve from the right side of the guest using the right hand. Serve the main course from the left side using the left hand and do it clockwise.

If the guest is done, clear the table except for the dessert silver ware and water goblet. Remove it from the right side using the right hand. If the guest is done clear the table.

If there is no any concern, give the receipt and place it on the right side of the guest. References:



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