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Notre Dame Stadium

No description

brandon carey

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Notre Dame Stadium

Notre Dame Stadium 1. What I knew from google earth

Looking up Addresses

Using Flight Simulator.
2. What I learned From Google Earth.

Flying on other planets.

Using Google Tour to visit places.

You Can Take Pictures of your view. Notre Dame is located in South Bend Indiana. It is one of the most well known team and stadium in the world. Content related things you learned from tour. Listing of technical things you want to learn more about. Satelite Imagery time taking

Cost of this project

Technical things stumbled apon Mess up of color Clouds covering making parts darker.

Unable to go into a cruise control type of thing in flight simulator. Pictures Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Where the Gators Play.

Also Known as the swamp

Seats are benches.

Started Construction In 1930`s

More Info on stadiums Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Pictures
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