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Beach Reclamation

No description

Andrew stuler

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Beach Reclamation

Beach Nourishment
Beach Reclamation by: Marissa and Kallie
Have you ever seen a beach being eroded? Well in this Prezi, we'll be telling you all about beach reclamation and how we can stop it.
What is Beach Reclamation ?
Beaches are formed when sea cliffs are eroded and sand from the bottom of the ocean is washed up onto the shore. Beaches can also
form when sediment is deposited onto the beach. Beaches don't always stay the same, you know. Overtime beaches erode when water or wind carries the sand and deposits it in a new area.
Beach Formation and How they change
Beach reclamation is preventing
erosion on beaches from happening.
When sand is carried on shore and
is swept away with water, that is
a form of beach erosion, but we can form jetties to block the water from hitting the beach too much.

Human Intervention
As humans we can try to prevent the problem of beach erosion from happening by building structures and adding sand. The three main ways we prevent beach erosion are jetties, sea walls, and beach nourishment. You're probably wondering what these three things are, we'll we're going to tell you.
How Beaches can Erode
Beaches can erode in some different ways, dredging, rising ocean levels, wind, and water.

Dredging is the deepening or widening of a beach.

Rising ocean levels can cause flooding, new oceans, and global warming.

Beach sand is swept away by the wind and carried away with moving water.

Why we need beaches
We need beaches because if there were no beaches, animals would over power. There would be to many birds, because the sharks wouldn't eat them and there would be to many freshwater fish that would over power the rivers.
Fun Facts
The beach is home to the largest ecosystem of animals.
Have we been to beaches?
Jetties are sand walls that are created from shore to ocean.
Seawalls are walls that are built around the edge of a beach.
Beach nourishment can restore beaches by adding new sand to eroded beaches. It can only fix it temporarily, though.
Home to thousands of species.
Marissa: I've been to beaches in Florida on vacation. I went to Barefoot beach and Clear water .

Kallie: I've been to beaches in Florida and i went to clear water with my grandma who lives in Florida .
Many animals are in danger.
The beach contains species we haven't discovered yet.
There will be a quiz at the end
1: What is one way we can STOP beach erosion?

2: Name 4 ways beaches CAN be eroded.

3: What are beaches HOME for?

4: What beach did KALLIE go to?

*5: Why DO we need beaches?
1: Jetties, Sand walls, Beach Nourishment

2: Dredging, Rising Oceans, Wind, Water

3: Beaches are home to thousands of animals.

4: Kallie went to clear water with her grandma.

*5: We need beaches because other animals would over power
The End
In conclusion,Beaches aren't made to be eroded and they need to be clean so we can enjoy them for a long time. Also if we don't keep our beaches clean all the animals will die then we will not have food for all the animals then we will all die
Beach Booth!

Science Text Book

www.yahoo.com/Beach reclamation
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