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Company Report

Tasha Toole

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Weyerhaeuser

Weyerhaeuser Co.
(WY) Tasha Toole Company Profile Harvests Trees
Builds Homes
Makes a Wide Range of Forest Products. They operate in 10 differant countries and 28 U.S. States.
6.2 million acres owned and leased.
Business Segments Corporate Governance Current Events SWOT Financial Statements Recommendation Timberlands
Wood Products
Cellulose Fibers

Corporate and Other
Fine Paper
Containerboard, Packaging, and Recycling. Major products include raw logs, lumber, wood panels, softwood pulp, and much more. 92% independent outside directors.
Management only owns 2.24% of WY's stock.
ROE is -12.8% compared to Industry Ave. of 8.9%
ROA is -3.4% compared to Industry Ave of 3.1% Housing starts went up more than expected in March. This is offering hope that the housing market recovery is on track. Annual Investors meeting on May 27 and Earnings call on April 29. WY recieved the go-ahead from major shareholders to proceed with the REIT conversion. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Hold They are the most diverified company in the forest products industry.

Foresters perspective- you would want to work for them. Who are they as a company?

Lost almost $2 billion or 25% of the company's value in the last 2 years. Undergoing changes in management stragegies

Converting into REIT- good, but long overdue. WY's Management Balance Sheet Long term debt exceeds net current assets.
Debt to Equity ratio is 1.4, industry only 1.1.
Consistant decreases in overall debt since 2003. Income Statement Inconsistant dividend growth.
Low inventory turnover of 7.8 compared to the industry 9.8 Cash Flow Statement Negative free cash flow DCF Used average beta
Changed 2011 tax rate to 0% Questions?
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