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Minute Ready to Serve Rice

Advertising Brief

Cristina Tortarolo

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Minute Ready to Serve Rice

Advertising Brief Objectives strategy creative
recommendations conclusions Building the Experience Discover new, inspired way of looking at RTS Minute Rice
See benefits in making product and packaging more interactive
Realize how a different strategy can reinvigorate the brand and product image
Envision succes with CJST
CJST Designs
Rice University Envision success with CJST GINNIE CHAN
CRISTINA TORTAROLO Our Goals Our Approach Our Campaign We welcome your
Questions and Comments! Version A Version B Aimed at young adults
Specifically, college students
Uses humor
"Guilty pleasure" recipes

Emphasizes quick, easy nature of recipes
Relatable situations with mouth-watering pictures of food
Cut-and-paste layout reflects artistic themes of "Inspire your Appetite" the Collage concept
Targets young professionals
Can apply to the working world, regardless of age
"Classy" recipes

Minute Rice Website Social Media Continue posting recipes
Offering coupons for interaction
Keep it up! things to work on More updates
Post recipes, elicit some from fans

Update more!
Be relevant among the constant stream of information.
Twitter is fleeting, but hits a lot of people at once.
It's okay to be incestuous: repost things from Facebook
Word of Mouth Contest: Recipe with the most retweets gets featured on lids/website

things to work on Hold contests for fan videos

There are few things the milenial generation love more than themselves ...
Also, feature old videos: 1950's ads

things to work on design Public Relations Iron Chef Style Challenge
Winner gets their recipe featured on one of the lids and free products
Advertise on website/local newspapers
Emphasizes the creative possibilities of the product
Encourages consumers to try new things with rice
Minute Rice Ready to Serve Challenge With a popular chicken company or producer of vegetables
Encourages consumers to try the RTS product with other food items that would complement it
Cobranding Very effective, especially in this economy
Encourages consumers to try the product
More consumers trying the product means more potential for repeat customers Coupons Television Packaging Our Target Focus
The millennial generation of consumers
Over achieving, confident, extremely pressured by school and work.
Health conscious
Seeks immediate gratification
Love customization
Craving to express their uniqueness within a strict schedule. College and young professional population
~21 to 30 years old Fits at school, in the middle of the night, or everyday at the office.
Feeds their craving for expression.
A product that INSPIRES THEIR APPETITE. Minute Ready to Serve Rice is their solution. Emphasize online resources and to provide more accessibility to them Develop the current idea of “we can help” and elevate it to the next level.
Help to satisfy hunger in style. Feeding the artist within. Enhance visibility and recognition Stand out among competition Increase awareness of the Ready To Serve products to the target consumers. “Pop the Top” and Variety Packaging to allow endless recipe ideas and meal combinations

An integrated system of TV and print ads to reinforce the product’s versatility

Sales Promotion, PR Event, and Social Media; establish Minute RTS Rice as the blank canvas for culinary expression. Inspire consumers to use the product in as many different ways as they can.
End frustration with quick meal options that are trite and boring
Turn to Minute RTS Rice which provides convenience as well as versatility. Budget is a vital concern of the campaign

The campaign is flexible enough to tailor to Riviana’s current client base, such as moms and mature professionals

Many of our ideas build upon existing operations.

It is versatile and possesses long run advantages Economics Motivation Solutions There are many useful recipes online but consumers may not have time to browse through
Having recipes and product promotion in one package is even more helpful
More CONVENIENT to use and INTERESTING to make.

We like the 2-cup package arrangement but want to enhance visibility on shelf space 1. Lunch and Dinner
2. Dinner and Dessert

Includes 2 cups of different flavored rice. Including respective recipes on each lid

These Variety Packs will increase the product coverage on shelf without forcing entirely new products Variety Packs Print different recipes, on the top of white lids, pertaining to the specific flavor it is on.
This adds a unique touch to the recipe and sets Minute RTS Rice apart from the competitors
Emphasize the time-saving aspect of the product by eliminating the need to even look for a recipe. When consumers blog or tweet about the recipe they tried, there is a way for Riviana to measure the impression

The consumer can visit the Riviana website, join the recipe club and include a link to where they made a post about MinuteRice RTS.

This idea is flexible! Posting a video of the customer using MinuteRice RTS to make the recipe on YouTube can also qualify for prizes/coupons/special offers.
In return, the customer has an incentive for mentioning and helping to spread the word about Riviana products.

Riviana can collect a database of valuable customer information, emails, weblogs, demographics....etc. as part of a growing clientele contact archive

Directly receive feedback from customers Advertise recipe database
Feature online activities for consumer interaction Benefits Pop the Top Recipes
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