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ASTD ICE - Session M 319


Darin Hartley

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of ASTD ICE - Session M 319

Are you using these? Agenda
Macro Level Trends
10 Steps
Categories & Examples
Summary Step 1 - Understand the Technology & Business Benefits Step 2 - Identify Sales, Brand, and Organizational Value Step 3 - Choose the Right Technology Step 4 - Tie Social Networking to Business Drivers Step 5 - Get the Organization Engaged & Connected Step 6 - Launch the Social Networking Initiative Step 7 - Build Success One Day at a Time Step 8 - Make it Personal -- Get Customers to Love Your Business Step 9 - Connect Your Business to the World Step 10 - Keep up With New Technologies and Thrive Step 1 Importance of the blend
Great Blog principles
Crowdsourcing Plan your message
Communicate to the haves & have nots
Identify audience, modality, and content categories
Describe training opportunities and what to expect
Establish governance
Leverage continuous feedback Leveraging for recruiting
Niche social networking system
Reinforcing brand
Decreasing bottom line costs Measurement Matters Internally-focused and externally focused examples
Also hybrid examples
Social text
Sabre Darin Hartley, M.Ed.
May 23, 2011

Session M319

#10STSSNFB Contact me:


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