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Snail Trail

Learn more info on snails by watching this video.

Stefan Morgan

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Snail Trail

Snail Trail
Follow the trail
Snail types
There are thousands of snail types, but here are some examples:
Garden snail/ Helix Aspersa
Roman Snail / Helix Pomatia
Giant African Land Snail / Achatina Eulica
Where they live
Snails can live just about anywhere as long as it is not too hot. But their main home has to be their protective shell.
Home sweet home!!!
Road trip
Unlike humans, Snails don't use a Cadillac, Jeep, or Ford. They travel by slowly moving in a gliding type movement. Muscles underneath the snail contract to help it move "as slow as Christmas". However, the Garden Snail is the fastest one. It tops a speed of 50 yards per hour(1.3 cm per second). But still, Snails are the slowest creatures on the planet.
All-you-can eat buffet
Which is better, a Big Mac of a pile of leaves. You'll probably take the burger (with fries) but snails would take the greener option. Snails eat a variety of items. As we know from Spongebob, the only one that eats Snailpo is Gary the snail.Snails actually eat a variety of things including fruits, veggies, and plants. If they are seeking for calcium, they will literally eat the dirt. It helps them create a thicker shell.
We are family!!!
Snails are in the Mollusk family. Along with slugs, clams, scallops, mussels, oysters, octopus, and squids. But this family is silent at the dinner table.
Anatomy of a snail
Snail Talk!!
You might talk, use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, or text to talk to your friends in other places. But snails aren't the ones with good tech skills. Snails communicate via their tentacles. Depending on the species, they can have a pair of tentacles.
Snails are not safe. They have a list of predators to watch out for. There are leeches, beetles, caterpillars, larger snails, flies, mites, shrews, mice, reptiles, amphibians, birds, frogs, toads, snakes, ducks, geese, and domestic pets. However their biggest threats are humans. In the country of France, Escargot(which is French for snail) is a dish made from cooked land snails. So you'll probably need a lot of ketchup to eat it.
Fast fact:
There are some snails that hibernate in the winter.
A Miniature Superhero!!
Snails may be slow, have a very small body, and are hunted when they were just toddlers. But, don't let that fool you. Snails are actually pretty strong. They can lift about 10 times their own body weight in their vertical position. so if your between 2 lbs(32 oz) and 20 lbs(320 oz). You should watch out when a land snail is doing weight-lifting.
Pet Peeve
On the TV show Spongebob, he made statement that "A snail is the best companion a sponge could have". Well, Snails are actually kept as pets. People place them in jars (below) or in empty fish tanks.
Deadly Condiment
Whatever you do don't give a snail salt. They die once you put salt on them. The reason is because a snail's body is too small to digest that kind of stuff.
Fast fact:
Even though it seems impossible, Snails can hear and see everything around them. Those with two tentacles has an upper one with the eyes and a lower one with olfactory organs.
Snail Life cycle
A day in the life of a snail
Snails can live only for a short amount of time. They live from 10 to 15 years at the max. Some snail species are believed to last 20 years. But, we probably won't find out til your fifteenth birthday.
Fast Fact:
Snails can range from a couple centimeters to a foot in length.
That's all!
Thanks for watching
Oh, Yuck! The Encyclopedia Of Everything Nasty by Joy Masoff (pg 152)
Made by: Stefan Morgan
Snail Trail copyright 2013-2014 all rights reserved
LLT academy copyright 2013-14 all rights reserved
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