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Presentazione HeartBeat

Versione in inglese

Giorgio Fornara

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Presentazione HeartBeat

For Hospitals/Care institutions: reduced costs for decreased need of hospitalisation
For patients: increased quality of life, more comfort and enhanced monitoring
For doctors: more information and much more statistical data, possibility of real time monitoring at any time, better marketing; be active part of the e-health revolution with a best of breed technology Received data are processed real time to check whether an event requiring to set an alarm has occurred.
Alarms can be set in case of some specific events (i.e.: the triaxial accelerator has detected the fall of the user), or whether some threshold on physical parameter (or the conjunction of several parameters) has been exceeded.
Received data are then stored and made available to business intelligence applications able to create sophisticated data reporting and statistics and to detect possible relationships among apparently unrelated parameters to improve the monitoring and the care process
Two different strategies can be used to process the data monitored by the shirt:
* On-board processing, using a dedicated microprocessor (ideal strategy for monitoring professional athletes, like runners or bikers)
* Remote processing, using Zigbee or Bluetooth for wireless transmission of data
The user can communicate monitored data to a monitoring center using an handset or a computer as a data router HeartBeat has a fault-tolerant and high concurrency software platform for connecting massive numbers of devices to the monitoring center still offering real time processing. The main benefits brought by the software platform are the following:
* Distributed Architecture – Runs indifferently on a single machine or on multiple machines, and takes advantage of existing cloud and virtualization architectures.
* Multi-Core Optimization – The virtual machine is built to optimize the processing power of multi-core servers.
* Horizontal Linear Scalability – The management of devices gets transparently distributed across available servers, enabling horizontal scalability.
* Pluggable protocols – Numerous modules available to manage communication protocols such as HTTP and XMPP, which can be activated or deactivated depending on the application needs.
Conformance to Standards – The solution is fully compliant with HL7 recommendations HeartBeat takes root from the tight synergic collaboration of three companies:
Comftech is a Politecnico of Milan start up specialized in manufacturing Wearable Biomedical Systems
Adeo is a company fully focused on offering Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and applications
Mtm-tech is a technological consultancy company specialized in Healthcare processes and applications The revolutionary eHealth application and service to efficiently monitor elderly people and cardiac patients What will be the next common step ? The Shirt is made of a special elastic tissue, is comfortable and washable even using hospital laundry. It embeds:
Textile electrodes to detect bioelectric signals and namely ECG and bioimpedance (to monitor the respiratory rate, the time parameter related to breathing and the possible presence of a pulmonary edema)
Textile Strain Gauge for breathing monitoring
Additionally, within the electronic front-end optional miniaturized sensors can be installed, and namely:
Triaxial Mems Accelerators, to monitor physical activities;
Temperature sensors, to monitor the body temperature;
Relative humidity sensor to monitor perspiration HeartBeat it’s a complete solution consisting of:
a special washable shirt, embedding the sensors to detect the physical parameters;
a telecommunication and software infrastructure allowing to perform real time monitoring;
a sophisticated data flow management. The Elderly Opportunity HeartBeat Product Architecture What is HeartBeat ? Collaborating companies The Shirt Communication Infrastructure Software Infrastructure Alarms and Business Intelligence Features Advantages Technical Focal Points * Non invasive solution upgradable with additional features * Distributed, Cloud based * Automatic management of alarms for real time monitoring * Data mining functionality * Cost effective * Best of breed technology in line with European trends Mtm-tech was founded in 2010 with twenty years of experience in consulting and IT functional.

Our main activity? Take care of business organization, especially for public institutions (with particular focus on healthcare).

Thanks to the work of analysis and implementation of models and systems - based on the reuse of application and methodology - we enable our customers to make efficient business processes, monitoring investments and facilitating their control. Mtm - tech
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