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Hayaa': Modesty, shyness and Honor Togather

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Ebtesam ealmaaiteh

on 4 March 2017

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Transcript of Hayaa': Modesty, shyness and Honor Togather

Hayaa': Modesty, shyness and Honor Togather
What are the two ways to acquire hayaa'?
Three levels of Hayaa'
The World without hayaa'
Something that we are born with
It doesn't need effort
You don't like to speak loudly in a quiet gathering
Natural Hayaa'
Acquired hayaa'
It is attained as a result of learning about this virtue
We can increase it by realizing the glory of Allah
We can increase it by avoiding shameful acts
Lowering the gaze after learning about the importance of it.
Spiritual Hayaa'
It means hayaa' before Allah
Social Hayaa'
It is modesty before people
It consists of treating people fairly
Withholding one's harm on them
Not showing them any ugly side
It starts with one's relationship with his or her family
Personal Hayaa'
It is modesty with oneself
The person here respects himself and works on his behavior to become honorable.
A person avoid all shameful acts and habits even if they are not haram
Hayaa' and technology
some muslims use internet negatively in a way that reduce their hayaa' like watching bad scene or communicating with people from the other gender
It creases the chances of committing sins and evil will be higher
Delaying and neglecting religious duties will be higher.
It increases the chances of commiting crimes due to these new directions of entertainment, where crime, drug addiction, distrustful acts and adultray are all looked as means of entertainment.
Misunderstanding of Hayaa'

It is when one experiences an urge to do something disliked by Allah instead he or she obeys Allah's orders and avoid all actions that displease by Him
Prophet Muhammad (s) once said: " Be modest before Allah, as is befitting Him." They said: " We are modest before Allah, Al hamdulillah." The Prophet (s) said" That's not what i mean. The one who is modest before Allah as he should, let him be mindful of his head and what it thinks about. and let him be mindful of his stomach and what it takes in. Let him remember death and destruction. And whoever desires the hereafter leaves the ornaments of this life. Whoever does all that has become modest before Allah, as is befitting him."
Through this hayaa' a Muslim reach the peak of behavior.
Using hayaa as an excuse for not doing something obligatory
Using hayaa' as an excuse for not encouraging good or discouraging evil
Using hayaa' as an excuse for not doing something correct
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