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My Favorite Zoo Animals

Includes tigers, and gorillas.

Zachery Dietz

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of My Favorite Zoo Animals

My Favorite Zoo Animals By: Zachery Dietz I think that tigers are the coolest animal, especially the white tiger.
The white tiger is somewhat bigger than their normal orange and black cousin's and the only reason that they are white is because they inherited the white gene. Gorilla's are another cool animal just because of the fact that they are so big and they are so strong. A male adult gorilla can weigh from 350 to about 440 pounds. They can lift about 2 tons over their head. Thank you for watching my Prezi. One of the other zoo animals that are my favorite is the elephant. It is the largest land- living animal on Earth today. The biggest one was a male that was from toe to shoulder 13 feet in height and weighed 24,000 pounds and was shot in 1974. The oldest recorded elephant was 82 years old and they usually live to about 50 to 70 years old. The gorilla is more closely related to humans, than chimpanzees, because of the fact that you can trace the beginnings of the apes back to were the gorillas and humans split into what they are today. This is a funny video of a child taunting a full grown grizzly bear and it wanting to eat him at the zoo.
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