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Human Rights Watch

Work Experience 2012

Amandine Riche

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch
Amandine Riche - Stage of 2012
HRW, Human Rights Watch, is an international organization that focuses on defending and protecting human rights. Their mission? Bringing the oppressors to justice and diffusing information collected to give a voice to the oppressed.

HRW began in 1978 with an organization called Helsinki Watch. Bit by bit it grew until in 1988 it became Human Rights Watch. Now it has offices all around the world and more than 280 staff members around the globe.
What is HRW?
My Experience at HRW
At HRW I was working at the Paris Office alongside Ole Solvang, the Emergency Researcher. At the time he was working on a piece about Syria so I mainly did a lot of fact checking, research and cross-referencing work. I enjoyed my time at HRW immensely and it gave me an opportunity to explore a different side to the factors that affect our world.
The Paris Office of HRW is situated 142 rue Montmarte in the 2nd arrondissement. In the office there are few full-time employees. Approximately 25 people were in the office at a time but according to the day there could be many more or many less. There is only one HRW office in Paris but there are many more offices around the world, in places such as Moscow and New York.
However HRW also uses other places in Paris to set up meetings, summits and other such events.
The Paris Office
At HRW I was working with the emergency researcher, therefore most of my work was based around his. I created graphs, cross-referenced lists and much more. In the past 5 days I have learnt more about the current situation in Syria than I have in the past year.
Not only have I learnt about the current situations HRW is working on, but I have also had a chance to attend the summit and hear about how HRW operates and some of it's past work.
The Atmosphere at HRW
The life and atmosphere at HRW is very varied. According to the person you are working with and the subject you are working on, the atmosphere can either be a bit tense and impatient or relaxed and calm.
The atmosphere at HRW also changes on a daily basis. One day it will be hectic, the next day completely calm.
At the time I had my work experience, HRW was preparing a summit to diffuse their ideas and network with influential people. This is one of the more important times for them so life at the office was quite busy.
My Experience at HRW
Anna Chaplin-Fischer, Paris Office Manager

Ole Solvang, Emergency Researcher

All of the HRW staff and all of the HRW interns
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