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The Paperless Classroom

My struggles with a paperless classroom and my recommendations based on what I learned.

Steve Katz

on 15 May 2016

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Transcript of The Paperless Classroom

By Steve Katz
Paperless Classroom
Teachers will be able to implement paperless assignments in their classes.
Teachers will be able to decide between Google Docs & software based documents for paperless assignments.
Improved learning environment
Improved organization
More efficient
Save the Earth?
Conditions for Success
1:1 computing

E-mail (and Google Docs)
Method of disseminating information
(LMS, web site, blog, wiki)
Be prepared to fail
Reasons to go paperless
This doesn't mean
Not using books
An absolute ban
I don't hate paper.
Getting Started
1. Establish a routine
2. Collect email addresses or
join an LMS
3. Create group email lists or
groups in the LMS
Assignment Formats
1. Software-based documents (attached to an e-mail)
2. Cloud documents (Google)
3. Web 2.0
Benefits of Software-Based Assignments
Assignments are emailed to you or turned in to a drop box.
Due date easy to measure. (On Time?)
Teacher is in control of work handed in.
Students don’t name assignments correctly.
Students don’t put correct subject in email.
Many files on hard drive.
Google Docs (Cloud)
Access anywhere with Internet
Easy collaboration
Revision history
No email
Set permissions
Can copy docs
No Internet
Student can erase file
Blogs, wikis, & social networks
Prezi, SlideBean
Use Google Form for URL turn in
Web 2.0
Students create a folder to share with teacher
Teacher creates a folder to share with students
Use Google Classroom or scripts to automate this (Doctopus)
Naming conventions:
Class or period - assignment name - student name
Google Classroom manages this for you!
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