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Operating Systems And GUIs

No description

Ross Van Merkom

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Operating Systems And GUIs

What Is An Os
A set of programs that
coordinates all activities among computer hardware
What is a GUI?
A graphical user interface (GUI) is used by many
manufacturers with their operating systems. Microsoft
Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista & 7 and the Apple
Macintosh have GUIs.
Examples of an Os
.Microsoft Windows (such as vista, xp, 7, 8 etc.)
.IOS (used on all apples handheld devices such as ipod,ipad, iphone.)
.Android (used on mobile phones made by samsung, htc and alcatel.)
An Example Of A GUI
Operating Systems And GUIs
Features of a GUI
.GUIs are user friendly, using the mouse you can navigate your way around a GUI clicking once or twice on icons which represent command which can do anything such as turn the volume up or open a program.
Features Of an OS
1. Controlling input and output
2. Scheduling
3. Storage assistant
4. Data management
5. Providing a user interface
Example of A Mobile GUI
Pop Up Menu
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