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Georgia Scrapbook

No description

Kamryn Jackson

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Georgia Scrapbook

Kamryn J.:Georgia Scrapbook
Relative Location of Georgia
Location : 33'N, 83'W
Highway Map of Ga
City Map of Georgia
Georgia Voting District
Regions of Georgia
A voting district map shows the voting districts in a state. Georgia is separated into 13 voting districts.
Georgia Waterway Map
Georgia County Map
159 counties total in GA
U.S Map of States
This map shows the 50 states of the U.S. and its borders with other states.
Natural Resource Map of Georgia
Crops of Georgia
Climate Zones of Georgia
Desoto's Trail
Named after Hernando Desoto. He was The first European to explore the state of Georgia.
Etowah Mounds
Home to thousands of Native American from 1000 A.D. to 1550 A.D.
World Map
Historical/Modern Maps of Georgia
Counties Today
Ga Flag
GA Symbols
Ga Bird
(Brown Thrasher)
Ga Flower
(Cherokee Rose)
Ga Tree
(Live Oak)
A highway map shows the major interstates in a country or state.
This map shows the major highways of Ga.
He was one of the main causes of the thousands of Native Americans who were left dead.
A county map shows the county names and its bordering counties in a state.
A waterway map shows the major rivers or lakes in a state. This map shows the major rivers that flow through Ga.
This is a type of political map. This shows major cities in Ga.
This is a economical map of Ga.
It shows the economical activaty in Ga.
The region map shows the different regions in a state. This shows the 5 different regions in Ga.
A climate map shows the different climates in a state. This shows the climate zones of Ga.
This map shows the relative location of Ga.
One of the differences between these 2 maps is that Seminole and Decatur county weren't created yet. Also, Thomas and Grady county were not created yet. There aren't many similarities except the fact that both maps include counties in Ga. The big burgundy spot on the 1860 map is now made up of counties today called Bacon,Appling, Pierce and other counties. These are some similarities and differences between the counties of oldern and modern Ga.
A world map shows all the countries in the world.
Ga Seal
Ga Motto
"Wisdom, Justice, And Moderation"
Ga Pledge
"I pledge allegiance to the Ga flag and to the principles for which it stands; Wisdom, Justice and Moderation"
Ga Fruit
Ga Reptile
(Gopher Tortoise)
Ga Crop
Ga Vegetable
(Vidalia Onion)
Ga Quarter
Ga Fish
(Largemouth Bass)
Ga Gem
Ga Fossil
(Shark Tooth)
Ga Insect
The Paleo Native Culture was between 10,000 B.C to 8,000 B.C. The Paleo culture is the earliest known prehistoric culture. This was the most nomadic culture because the Paleo had to hunt and move around a lot for their food. Paleo comes from Greek and means "very old" or long ago." The Paleo invented the atlatl which was used as a hunting tool.
The Archaic Culture lasted from 8,000 B.C. to 5,000 B.C.This culture invented pottery and had 3 distinct time spans:Early,Middle, and late. The early culture mostly hunted large game and moved each season. The middle time span lasted from 5,000 B.C to 4,000 B.C. In this span, a lot of small groups formed together to create camps. The late time span lasted from 4,000 B.C to 1,000 B.C and this is when horticulture began.
The Woodland Culture lasted from 1,000 B.C to 1,000 A.D. They were the 1st to develop tribes and the bow and arrow. In this time period, elaborate religious ceremonies were developed. Also, the 1st corn crop was made.Native's in this time period grew squash, wild greens, and sunflowers.For them to get food, they fished, hunted,and gathered nuts and berries.
The Mississippian Culture was from 700 A.D. to 1600 A.D and is known as the least nomadic culture.They didn't need to move around a lot because they grew crops like corn.The native's of this culture believed the bones of their ancestors gave them strength and wisdom.This Native culture is considered to be the highest prehistoric civilization in Ga. They often painted their bodies as well as wore jewelry and head dresses. About 1600 A.D. the Mississippian's left the villages without a trace leaving everyone today wondering what happened to them.
The Muskogee were descendents of the Mississippians. In 1832, the U.S. and Creek agreed on a removal treaty to move the Creek from the Southeastern area of the U.S. From this point, the Muskogee would settle in new Indian territory called Oklahoma.The American Civil War damaged 3.2 million acres of Muskogee land.The reconstruction treaty of 1866 made Muskogee give up the land.
In the 1800s, the Cherokee were forced into Oklahoma. They had to walk along the Trail of Tears, Trail of Tears was the Cherokee name for what American's called the Indian Removal.The Cherokee settled in villages along rivers.The Cherokee men wore leggings.There are some sacred things to Cherokee. 2 numbers are sacred to the Cherokee.Four is one number because it represents 4 primary directions. 7 is the most sacred number because it represents 7 directions:north,south,east,west,above,below, and "here in the center."
Georgia, the 13th Colony
The reason early colonists settled in Georgia was because it was colonized to be a rare safe haven for people trying to work off their debt. James Oglethorpe founded Ga because he had a friend that was put in prison for not paying his debt and his friend died in prison of smallpox. He wanted to found Ga to get debtors out of prison and better their lives. It was located under South Carolina in the most southern part of the 13 colonies. King George of England or the Old World gave James permisiion to settle this new colony.
Georgia didn't really have any type of government when it was established in 1732. The charter James O. signed stated that all trustees couldn't hold office, but said that colonists had the same rights as British citizens. Also, a Proprietary colony gets land given to them by the king while a Royal colony is under direct control of the England monarch.
Ga's 3 Royal Governors
Henry Ellis 1757-1760
John Reynolds
James Wright
No accomplishments. Started the French and Indian War .(1754-63)
Taught Georgians how to self-govern.
Made piece with Creek Indians
Ignited the Revolutionary War.
Occupied Savannah in 1779
Revolutionary War/Early Statehood
The Revolutionary War lasted from 1775-1783.The 13 colonies fought for independence from the British to become the U.S.Many Native Americans sided with Americans in this war.Why?They lived with Americans for 150 years and formed personal relationships with Americans.They also believed that England was wrong and the Americans were right.At the end of the war the British acknowledged the Americans.Button Gwinnett,Lyman Hall, and George Walton from Ga all signed what is called the "Declaration of Independence".
The Tories on the other hand were colonists who wanted the King to remain in power. They were called "loyalists" for their loyalty.
Massachussetts and Pennsylvania abolished slavery during the Revolutionary War and didn't allow its slaves to fight because they were free people.
Siege Of Savannah
The Siege of Savannah was an encounter of the Revolutionary War in 1779.It took place between September 16 and Octoer 18, 1779, and was preceeded by the British capture of the city in December of 1778.The leaders of this battle were: General Robert Howe(American),Archibald Campbell(British), General Augustine Prevost (British),and Henry Clinton(British).
Kettle Creek
The battle of Kettle Creek took place on February 14,1779.It was faught in Wilkes County.The Patriots victory infuriated the British and dealt a severe blow to loyalist recruitment in GA.The commander of GA in the battle of Kettle Creek was Elijah Clarke.
The battle of Yorktown took place on October 19,1781 and lasted 20 days.It was won and led by General George Washington and the French Army Troops were led by the Comte de Rochambeau. This proved to be the last major land battle of the Revolutionary War in North America.
The first U.S. Constitution was called "The Articles of Confederation".
The first Ga Constitution was established on February 5, 1777 and lasted for 12 years.Georgia's legislature in the 1700s was a common House of Assembly and General Assembly.
The Liberty Boys met on Tondee's Tavern, which is located at the northwest corner of Broughton and Whitaker Street.
Liberty Boys
Tories & Sons of Liberty
The Sons of Liberty were the masterminds of the Boston Tea Party.They were a Patriot Paramilitary politcal organization in secret. The legacy of the Sons of Liberty happened on December 16,1773 where they orchastrated the Boston Tea Party Which let to the outbreak out the Revolutionary War.
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