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Interview a Street Vendor

In this presentation i am going to show you my Interview to a street vendor to realize how they work for a living

Graciela Flores

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Interview a Street Vendor

Street Vendors: Traffic Hazard or Service Providers? Here I present my interview with a street vendor well known by people. She makes a living selling for several years and it does because it seeks the welfare of his family. It is a truly and remarkable woman. I started to Make Her
some questions... What time do you begin working?

I begin working usually at 8 am but I prepare all the things like two hours before. Name: Graciela Flores
Period 3
Economic Class
Mr. Guzman in order to find discounts. One such option is to use street vendors rather than regular indoor retailers. Street vendors can provide cheaper goods because, in many cases, they do not need to pay for electricity or water bills and their rental costs can be much lower. Further, vendors themselves may be more willing to enter into haggling negotiations and offer cash discounts to well-known or regular customers. What time do you end?

I finish when is the last soccer game because it's usually when everyone leaves, and the place is left alone Where do you sell?

I usually sell in parks because more people go there to see or play soccer, so kids like to buy. What do you sell?

I sell: hot dogs, sodas, Water and juice. How much do they cost?

Well, the hot dogs are $3 each one but if you buy to the price is $5.
The sodas, juices and water are $1 each. What is your name?
My name is Esther Where are you from?
I come from Guerrero, Mexico. Why did you come to this country?
I came mainly because I wanted a better future, I could see the poverty in which I lived with my parents and that motivated me to come and help them. Also because this is a country that offers more opportunities in terms of work. People earn more for the work they do. What did you live behind?

I almost let my entire family. Also let one of my children which suit after a while. For me it was very difficult to come and leave all my loved ones there, but I had to be brave because my son needed a lot of things that I could not give to him there. Around how much do you make after you pay for
the things you buy?

after a day of sale I'll take the 50% and the rest is to buy new things. Usually I make a little more because not all product finishes like paper wrap, aluminum, oil and napkins. Do you have a family that depends on you?

Yes, I have four children, two of them are younger and others are older but I help them with all their basic needs. My husband also works hard to give them everything they need. I feel a lot of support with him, he is very responsible and always takes care of most household expenses Is what you make enough to live?

Well, all I get is for the essential household expenses. My husband pays the rent with his work and that's a big help. If we both work
for sure we can pay all the bills. Do you believe that the money you make
is worth the work you do?

I think not, because I get very tired preparing everything and some days I do not sell anything or sell very little. I get frustrated sometimes because I keep all unsold food so that is why I have to look for places where people go to visit very often. How does the amount of money impact
your life?

Sometimes I feel bad because my kids want to go for a walk but I say no because the money is not enough. We have to pay many bills and is difficult to have money to pay a day off to take a walk specially because we are a large family why do they not have a job like in a

Because if we sell in the street we do not have to pay rent in a place and we earn daily. I think is better to have our own bussines in this way. Also because people buy more, the prices are cheaper. Do you ever think about going back home?

Yes, when times get tough, when we do not earn enough to pay our debts I feel disillusioned by the situation and that's when I start to think that life in my country is better, everything is cheaper, the income of households, besides food and life is calmer. I still feel like I want to go but I have to fight here with my husband for the sake of my children. Why do you continue here in this country? what is the purpose?

I'm here mainly for my children and my husband. I think that despite the hard times we are experiencing, it is better to be here than Mexico. Here we have more job opportunities, I look for a better future for my children. Their future is here. In addition there is a lot of crime in Mexico. That is why I prefer to stay here. What advice would you give to young people that do not believe that an education is important and useful?

Well, the council that I would give them is to use their youth to study and become someone in life because later in life you will regret not having studied and obtained a career. It is important to realize that the life of someone who does not study becomes more complicated and the work becomes more tedious and cumbersome. So why complicate your life when you can do the easiest and study? Why the authorities do not agree with street vendors?

The risk of serious food poisoning outbreaks linked to street foods remains a threat in many parts of the world, with microbiological contamination being one of the most significant problems. Food-borne pathogens are recognized as a major health hazard associated with street foods, the risk being dependent primarily on the type of food, and the method of preparation and conservation. A lack of knowledge among street food vendors about the causes of food-borne disease is a major risk factor. Poor hygiene, inadequate access to potable water supply and garbage disposal, and unsanitary environmental conditions (such as proximity to sewers and garbage dumps) further exacerbate the public health risks associated with street foods. Improper use of additives (often unauthorised colouring agents), mycotoxins, heavy metals and other contaminants (such as pesticide residues) are additional hazards in street foods. Although many consumers attach importance to hygiene in selecting a street food vendor, consumers are often unaware of the health hazards associated with street vended foods. How can we respect what they do and the struggles that they live?

I think it's a life worthy of living. They deserve our respect because only they know the effort they make to sell out to the street. Many people overlook them just because they do that kind of work but I think it's admirable. What policy are they violating?

No person shall operate as a street vendor without a street vendor license.

The annual license fee shall be in an amount set by the city council for the cost of administering this licensing program, and such fee shall not be refunded if a license is not issued. Method of operation.

A. No street vendor shall have an exclusive right to any location.

B. No street vendor shall occupy any area within 10 feet of a crosswalk, alleyway or building doorway.

C. Pushcarts shall be located on the sidewalk as close as safely possible to the curb, and no street vendor shall obstruct or impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

D. Street vendors shall pick up any paper, cardboard, wood, or plastic containers, wrappers, or any litter in any form which is deposited by any person on the sidewalk or street within 25 feet of a pushcart at any time it is in a stationary position and the street vendor is conducting business, and shall be responsible for the disposal of same.

E. No street vendor shall make any loud noise for the purpose of advertising or attracting attention to his wares.

F. No pushcart shall be left unattended.

G. No street vendor who serves food shall occupy an area within 50 feet of a customer entrance of a restaurant unless the pushcart is operated from private property owned by the licensee. Prohibition.

No person shall demand any pecuniary benefit from a street vendor in return for allowing a vendor to locate adjacent to a business in a public right-of-way. As used in this section, “pecuniary benefit” includes property and any other commercial interest. Violation – Penalty – Abatement – Revocation.
Any street vendor who violates any of the provisions of this chapter commits a civil infraction. What did I learn from this project?

This project has been very important to me. I learned that street vendors face many difficulties mainly because of the authorities. All the time they have to be alert because if not they could get very expensive tickets. Also I think the work they perform is very decent and if they do it is because they have much need not because they want to break the law. Human capital

is the stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value. It is your skills and the way you can get economic benefit of it!!! Steps to grow my human capital:

-Get a job in from younger age.
-Start saving my money.
-Take on additional responsibilities.
-Make a difference.
-Become a do-it-yourself.
-start my own bussines.
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